The Fringe And Texture Trend For Spring 2023 For Women Over 50

Let’s say goodbye to the plain and boring pieces for this season. Yes, I know we all love our basics and staples, but let’s take this spring and summer to dive into a spicy trend that many of us may not have thought to try. I’m talking about fringe and texture. This is a fun spring 2023 trend to try for the warm weather months because you can keep it light, airy and playful.

You don’t have to take it too seriously. Not to mention, it’s a fun trend to explore for women over 50 if you feel like you are in a style rut. Let’s see what kind of options are out there.

The Fringe And Texture Trend for Spring 2023

fringe shirt spring fashion trend fountainof30
Mataline Fringe Faux Suede Mini Skirt, $36

Bottoms With Fringe And Texture

An effortless way to try this trend is to opt for a skirt. Now, I love a pair of pants with fringe or textured details, but that can be more comfortable for fashion risk takers. A skirt is much less overwhelming, and you can find lots of options and fashion to pair with it. I like this fringe mini skirt option. It’s a classic take on a fringe skirt without looking like it came straight out of the wild west and I like the non-traditional light cream color. A skirt like this with lots of details and texture is best worn with something simple on top like a t-shirt and a basic lightweight flat shoe.


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Crochet Fringe Midi Skirt fountainof30
AQUA Crochet Fringe Midi Skirt – Bloomimgdale’s 100% Exclusive, $88

This second option also can be a little polarizing, but it’s perfect for the warm weather. This crochet fringe midi skirt is definitely a fashion risk, but if done right, has a great payoff. I know it’s easy to think of a beach day when presented with crochet, but this option is nice because it’s not too loose knit or sheer, so you can wear it as everyday casual wear. Again, a skirt like this is best worn with a simple top and shoes. I’m thinking a linen button front and pair of brown leather slide sandals would be ideal.

orange eyelet crochet textured top fountainof30
Embroidered Crochet Puff Sleeve Top, $64.80

Tops With Fringe And Texture

A terrific way to ease into fun textures is to start with a top. It’s a complete no-brainer as you can wear one with jeans, lightweight pants, shorts, or skirts; pretty much anything that is already in your closet. Start with an entry-level option like this super-feminine crochet puff sleeve top. I love the rich orange color for the warm weather. As I mentioned before, you can wear it with just about anything. It also pairs well with all kinds of accessories including gold, silver, and bold colors.

kelly green Textured Puff-Sleeve Top fountainof30
Eri + Ali Textured Puff-Sleeve Top, $68

I also found this absolutely beautiful show-stopping popcorn texture top in Kelly green that would have all eyes on you. It’s another puff sleeve top, but this one can go much more formal. I’m thinking this would be a fabulous piece to wear to a garden party, bridal or baby shower or even a work event. The color is so rich and beautiful. This is a hue that can pair with so many colors and complement so many skin tones.

Waffle Sweater Hooded Wrap Cardigan fountainof30
L.L.Bean Women’s All-Day Waffle Sweater, Hooded Wrap Cardigan, $79.99

Finally, you can just go super basic and try a cover up or sweater with textured details. Try something super simple like this hooded wrap cardigan in a waffle weave texture. It will work for lounging around the house on a lazy day, or topping your outfit for the evening if you anticipate a temperature drop. Either way, it’s comfortable, warm, affordable and comes in several color options. So finding one that works for you should be easy.

black fringe bag fountainof30
Steve Madden BMINI BLACK,$99

Shoes And Accessories With Fringe And Texture

My personal favorite ways to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe is with accessories and shoes. Though I’m not a big bag person, I did find two that work great with this trend. If you like fringe, try this black shoulder bag with fringe. Yes, it’s a basic black bag, but the fringe offers a special detail that takes it to another level. I also like this bag because though it is trendy, due to the simplicity of the rest of the bag, you can use this far past what you think would be the expiration date.

textured aqua Hobo Bag fountainof30
Vince Camuto Teddy Hobo Bag $139.99

Another bag option to try is this textured hobo bag. When you think of warm weather, this is the type of bag that comes to mind. The lightweight and breathable fabric will mix well with a warm spring or summer day. It will brighten up any seasonal outfit and also has a timeless quality to it, so you can carry it for seasons to come. I purchased a bag like this over 10 years ago and I still pull it out during the warm weather months.

textured pearl slide sandal fountainof30
Steve Madden DURI IVORY, $89.95

Finally, we can’t end this trend highlight reel without a pair of shoes, right? I found an extraordinary pair that I fell in love with. These pearl slide sandals are enough to make any shoe-lover envious. They definitely will work when you are getting dressed up, but don’t rule these out for a more casual outfit as well. Even the most dressed-down outfit is still worthy of having an incredibly special piece to make it special.

Fringe and Texture Trend Style Tips

  1. Be mindful of price point. The mid-tier price point is a good place to start if you want to try this trend. If you go too low-end, you will end up looking like you just came from Coachella. So, unless you are totally into that, invest a little more to keep it classy and appropriate if you are over 50.
  2. Search for oldies but goodies. If you are a thrifter, this can be the perfect trend to look out for in resale and secondhand stores. Though it was before my time, I am fully aware of the quality of vintage clothing back in the 1960s and 70s. Can you imagine the beautiful leather, suede or silk pieces that you could come by?
  3. Subtlety is not the key! This trend is meant to be bold! Pick a piece that feels special to you and dare to wear it to its fullest potential. I try to mention this as often as possible, but fashion is meant to be fun and experimental, so don’t you forget that!

Shop The Fringe and Texture Trend

Do you like fashion with fringe and texture? How would you wear the trend for spring 2023?

– Carmen Turner

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