Five Ways to Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery, Injections or Exercise

Five-Ways to Look 10 Years Younger
Do you have a big event coming up? Do you need a pick me-up and wish you could look ten years younger? There are a five things that you can do to accomplish this over one weekend! You can leave your office on Friday and come back to work on Monday looking ten years younger.
The answers to looking younger are right before your eyes. What do young people have that makes them look so darn good? They have swingy shiny hair, white teeth and smooth skin.
Let’s start from the top!
1. Shiny Hair
Notice how young people have swingy, shiny and healthy hair? Make an appointment with a hair stylist! They can make recommendations for color and treatments to seal in the shine. As for style, ask for something new, whether it is straight or curly, long or short. Your hair is one of the first things people see, so it is well worth the investment. Remember, over-processed and fried hair never looks good and is aging. My favorite salons in Chicago include Sassoon, Maxine and Mario Tricoci. You can ask friends and co-workers (whose hair you like) for the names of their hair stylists and shop around first.
2. Shaped Eyebrows
One of the first thing that sneaks up on you when you age is your eyebrows. They may become gray, or unruly. Ask any beauty artist and they will tell you how important well groomed and arched brows are to shape and frame your entire face. Arched and penciled brows can give you a mini eye lift, without surgery! Benefit Brow Bars or Ansastasia at Nordstrom are reputable for brow grooming and it’s easy to make a reservation. They will also show you how to use products to help you keep up with your nicely arched brows.
3. White Teeth
There is no reason to not have the brightest smile possible. There are now so many products you can now purchase over-the-counter that will safely whiten your teeth. From Rembrant Trays to Crest White Strips to a fun little brush-on system I like called Smileactives (which is made right here in Chicago) there really is no excuse.
4. Makeup at the Beauty Counter
For the easiest step of your ten years younger look, simply get yourself to a beauty counter! Make an appointment or march right up to the counter of a brand that you know and love. Makeup is your friend! Young women are dying to wear makeup and you may have abandoned it. Even just wearing a little little lip gloss can make you look younger and like you care about your appearance.
Here’s where “No surgery” and “No exercise” comes in. With concealer you can remove under eye circles, and with contour makeup you can carve out cheekbones to look slimmer, or even narrow down a nose! Additionally, foundation can brighten your skin tone and cover up age and sun spots. Your eyes can look larger with eye makeup and mascara, and your lips more lush with lipliner and gloss. You don’t need to wear a ton of makeup to see a difference (nor should you) and here is where a beauty artist can help.
Don’t be afraid to approach the beauty counter because “they will try to sell me something.” In my experience the makeup artists have not been pushy to sell anything. Keep in mind they are offering you a free service and you can walk away with their tips and tricks, so frankly I think you SHOULD buy something. It’s like getting the advice for free for the cost of getting makeup you can keep! Ask the beauty artist which 2 or 3 items she or he thinks you must have. Think carefully about what you may already have at home, and then you won’t overspend.
You may want to do a little research here because you can go from moderate to high prices when it comes to cosmetics. For moderate priced cosmetics I like Jouer at Nordstrom or Sue Devitt at Barneys and my favorite luxury brands are Tom Ford at Neiman Marcus and Dior at Saks. Visit the Bobbie Brown counter if you want the no-makeup makeup look since that is what she is known for. Remember, since you don’t have to pay for plastic surgery, now you can invest in some quality products.
5. Skincare
Now we know how to cover things ups, but while you are at the beauty counter, or event at the drugstore, be sure to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face and body. Nothing makes you look older than dry flaky skin, and the use of moisturizing products will keep your skin looking younger immediately.
I know many of you already look ten years younger because you already follow these basics. But if you haven’t paid attention, and suddenly you feel you look old, all you have to do is make a few appointments!
– Carol Calacci

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