Missoni Founder Ottavio Missoni Has Died

The Missoni family has had a bad year. First, Vittorio Missoni (son of the founder and CEO) disappeared into thin air on his way to Caracas back in on January 4, 2013. Now, the founder of Missoni, Ottavio Missoni has died at the age of 92.
Ottavio Missoni founded the company with his wife, Rosita Jelmini, in 1953. He was known to say he came into the fashion industry pretty much by accident. Hos wife’s family owned a textile company that produced shawls. Missoni had been a track-and-field star and even competed in the 1948 Olympics for Italy. So it was no surprised that he and his wife decided to produce athletic wear. Their first fashion show took place in Milan in 1966. The Missoni’s three children and their offspring have all become involved in Missoni and expanding the brand.
Missoni gave no cause of death for the patriarch, saying only that Ottavio had “passed away serenely” in his home in the town of Sumirago on Thursday.
Source: USA Today &  The Guardian UK

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