Just In Time For Summer…La Prairie Cellular Emulsion Matte Pore Minimizer


During the summer you may want a lighter daily moisturizer, and if have normal-to-oily skin you may be thinking you really don’t need one at all. Well, you’re wrong. Fortunately La Prairie has a new product so perfect for the summer months, you will wonder where this product has been all your life. La Prairie Cellular Emulsion Matte Pore Minimizer is the ultimate lightweight daily moisturizer that eliminates flaws so brilliantly and effortlessly, your skin will look as close to flawless as it possibly can.
Pores shrink, discoloration, redness and irritation dissipates , wrinkles relax, and moisture is restored all while leaving behind a beautiful matte finish. Within this one formula formula, there are several key ingredients including a potent Lentil Seed Extract which stimulates collagen production to help tighten up the pore wall, and diminish the look of enlarged pores.It feels like you are putting hardly anything on, but trust me, it’s working and performing miracles.
Mattifies: Achieves a natural balance of oil and moisture with Smart Ingredient Oil-Balancing Complex, which penetrates the skin encouraging lipid metabolism; a lack of which leads to excess oil production.
Soothes: Composed of botanical extracts, the Skin-Soothing Complex revives the skin’s barrier function while providing rescue to redness and irritation.
Brightens: Vitamin C, Licorice, and brown microalgae compose an Encapsulated Brightening Complex, which inhibits excess melanin formation, lightens existing dark spots and boosts anti-oxidant protection.
Energizes: Persian Silk Tea Extract increases cell metabolism to energize skin and reduce signs of fatigue.
Smoothes: Wrinkle-Reducing Peptide smoothes wrinkles from the inside by stimulating collagen synthesis. Over time, wrinkle volume and depth appear smaller and lighter overall.
La Prairie Cellular Emulsion Matte Pore Minimizer, $225
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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