Prevent Hair Aging & Thinning With Breakthrough Products from DS Laboratories at Mario Tricoci


We take extra care to fight aging of our skin from an early age, so why don’t we so the same for our hair? I met with Brian Hendricks, director of education at DS Laboratories at Mario Tricoci Hair Salon and Day Spa in Chicago, to try out the new REVITA.LT Shampoo and REVITA.COR Conditioner, and the Spectral.DNC-N. This leave-in topical is a gentle non-drug hair stimulation alternative. My hair has always been fine and I am noticing it’s thinning more as I grow older. Brian and I discussed how women do feel it is taboo to talk about or that there is something wrong with the issue of thinning hair. “I’ll see a woman with a full thick head of hair, and she will say that her hair is not the same as it used to be. It is all relative and most women would like to have the healthiest, shiny and voluminous hair possible,” commented Hendricks. He told me clients of all ages have seen positive results using Revita, whether they have thinning hair or if they just want their hair to grow. I had the opportunity to be shampooed, conditioned and treated at Mario Tricoci in Chicago, where they carry DS Laboratories products, by stylist Norma. Two reasons I never wanted to try a minoxidil-based product was first, I feared I would have to continue to keep using it all of my life, and second, that my hair would grow in weird! But Spectral DNC-N is made of DS Laboratories’ proprietary Nanoxidil compound to offer a powerful, lightweight, more comprehensive non-drug hair stimulation alternative to existing minoxidil-based options. It gives the appearance of fuller, thicker and healthier-looking hair throughout the entire scalp by treating the hair follicles.
Brian Hendricks with DS Laboratory Products at Mario Tricoci in Chicago
I could feel my scalp tingling a bit, but there was no strange odor or fragrance. The only thing you may need to do differently when you use it is to not use a hot blow dryer, and instead use the ‘cool’ setting. Norma blew my hair out and immediately it felt clean and soft. I will continue to use REVITA.LT Shampoo and REVITA.COR Conditioner and update you after 90 days, when I am told I will see optimal results. About DS Laboratories DS Laboratories’ breakthrough products for hair are designed to offer non-drug formulas that outperform all other options, and are safer, more gentle and easier to use. Each product is richly-formulated to contain highest percentages of active ingredients (as many as 15 in some formulas), and uniquely created to target up to 20 known causes of hair weakening, shedding or thinning as well as follicles shrinking over time. Ingredients, many of which are plant based, are processed through a patented non-chemical extraction process for even greater potency and longevity. • New REVITA.LT Hair Stimulating Shampoo: Revita. LT has the same benefits, results, and scientifically-proven ingredients as original Revita and is formulated especially for light colored and highlighted hair. • REVITA.COR Hair-Stimulating Conditioner: The only one of its kind, Revita.Cor is formulated with revolutionary patented bio-adhesive microspheres to deposit cutting edge ingredients — including potent botanical stem cells — deeper within hair follicles. These exclusive microspheres are hydrophobic and cationic to stay unseen on the scalp while they deliver maximum benefits for 12 hours or longer, even during swimming or a vigorous workout at the gym. DS Laboratories Revita and Spectral products are available at Mario Tricoci Hair Salons and Day Spa – Carol Calacci Disclosure: Services and products received for review.

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