9 of My Favorite Beauty Products I Use Time and Time Again

Yes, being a beauty blogger (among other things) means I get to try a lot of beauty and makeup products. And while you might think that’s enviable and amazing, every time a package arrives it means “work.” It can get a little overwhelming. Also sometimes my skin reacts and freaks out which is not fun. That said over the past 19 years I have received, tested and tried some products that are truly amazing and made the final cut earning them a permanent place in my heart and in my daily routine. They have become my favorite beauty products that I use over and over again.

I have done posts on the topic from time to time in the past, but realized I had not done one in a while.

But creating this post took a turn. One of the products that was the impetuous for this update, I just learned, has been discontinued! I literally had to remove my write-up on it and am left in a puddle of my own tears that my favorite intensive age-defying body cream is no longer available. I had never used one quite like it and was so excited to share it with you. Now I find myself in that awful limbo we can all relate to when one of our absolute, can’t-live-without beauty products has been discontinued. We have all been there. Then we spend the rest of eternity trying to find a suitable replacement. The struggle is real.


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favorite beauty products I use over and over fountainof30

My Favorite Beauty Products

So without further ado, here are 9 of the current products I tested and can no longer do without and refill constantly.

doll10 T.C.E. foundation foouuntainof30 this covers EVERYTHING! 

1. Doll10 T.C.E. Super Coverage Serum Makeup, $44

Yes, I try tons of foundations but when I am not testing one I always come back to this. TCE stands for “This covers EVERYTHING!” and it really does. It’s a brightening, color-correcting, skin-nourishing serum makeup that works to immediately nourish your skin while providing completely flawless, traceless coverage. I love that it’s clean, vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and oil-free as well. My skin loves it. 

Doll10 T.C.E. Super Coverage Concealer

2. Honorable mention: Doll10 T.C.E. Super Coverage Concealer, $32

Same idea but for under the eyes. It also reduces puffiness. Pro-trick: as we get older we need to darken our undereye concealer. Otherwise we look like we have reverse racoon eyes. Darken up or it will show every line and wrinkle. I now match my undereye makeup to my foundation color which is medium.

WEN by Chaz Dean Bella Spirit Self-Tanning Bronzing Drops

3. WEN by Chaz Dean Bella Spirit Self-Tanning Bronzing Drops, $60

Control your shade of sun-kissed with Chaz’s Bella Spirit Self-Tanning Bronzing Drops. And If it’s from Chaz you know it’s healthy for your skin (unlike actual sunbathing). Infused with lavender, cucumber and eucalyptus, these drops can easily be mixed with your body lotion. I add a drop or two to my (now discontinued) body lotion all year long…because I can’t stand to see my skin too pale. In the summer I add about 4 drops.

Jan Marini Skincare Skin Care Management System™

4. Jan Marini Skincare Skin Care Management System™, $330

Yes, I do try other skincare systems (because I have to) but I always come back to this when I’m done testing. I just have not found anything else that makes my skin look as good.

This 4-piece kit contains everything I need for day and night to keep my aging, yet hormonal acne prone skin clear. It contains Jan Marini’s Bioglycolic® Face Cleanser, C-ESTA® Face Serum, Bioclear® Face Lotion and Bioclear® Face Lotion.

Jan Marini Age Intervention Duality

5. Honorable Mention: Jan Marini Age Intervention® Duality™, $109

This is serious acne control for aging skin, both of which I have. Retinol, benzoyl peroxide, green tea extract, peptides, and antioxidants deliver no-nonsense acne control and dramatic benefits for aging skin, in one amazing product.

Ogee Crystal Collection Contour Set fountainof30 favorite

6. Ogee Crystal Collection Contour Set, $138

As you know I am a huge fan of all things Ogee ,since I prefer to wear organic makeup, and this contour set is one I get again and again. I never realized how much a contouring set can do for your appearance until I tried this one. I think every woman should be contouring. And with Ogee’s set you don’t have to worry about looking clownish because it’s legit idiot-proof. You can’t mess it up!

It’s so easy to effortlessly enhance the natural contours of the face with Ogee’s set of three easy-to-apply, balmy sticks. Bronze, blush and highlight your way to a signature glow. I use the Crystal Contour Collection most of the time but also use the Golden Contour Collection in the summer.

Use the code LAURENDW15 to save 15% on your Ogee order.

mith Weightless Air Dry Curly Hair Cream and Curlsmith Shine Cream

7. Curlsmith Weightless Air Dry Curly Hair Cream , $27 and Curlsmith Shine Cream, $27

It doesn’t matter what I use to wash and condition my hair, but I have been styling with these two Curlsmith products for a few years now. They add unbeatable shine to my color damaged hair. I apply a quarter-sized amount of the leave-in conditioner as soon as I get out of the shower, and then add a dime sized amount to my hair about 10 minutes later and let it air dry.

I have recently found a new item to add but have not reordered it yet so it didn’t make the final cut. Both of these products are vegan and powered by nature.

TIZO Mineral Sun Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted

8. TIZO Mineral Sun Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted, $45

I first apply La Roche-Posay European Anthelios SPF 50 because it’s the best chemical sunscreen, but because Dr. Gendler advises to layer two, I also use TiZO® Mineral Sun Defense and have been using it for several years. It’s a gentle, tinted mineral sunscreen designed to help shield the skin every day from the damaging effects of the sun. Titanium and zinc oxides reflect away UVA and UVB rays, while antioxidants help defend the skin against free radicals. I use it like a primer before applying my foundation (see above).

Maybelline Sky High Mascara favorite beauty product fountainof30

9. Maybelline Sky High Mascara, $12.99

I can not for the life of me remember who sent me a sample of this mascara when it first came out, but I want to thank them. It’s truly the best mascara I have ever tried. I always go back to it and keep a sealed replacement ready for the times I am not testing another one.

Even if you have short, sparse lashes, Sky High will make them enviable from every angle! It seriously delivers full volume and limitless length. While the formula is excellent, it’s Maybelline’s exclusive “Flex Tower” mascara brush that makes it really work like miracles. It bends to volumize and and softly grabs lashes to extend every single lash from root to tip. The easy-to-remove mascara formula is infused with bamboo extract for long, full lashes with a light as air feel. I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses and can attest it does not flake.

I wear black but also find myself using the brownish black shade more during the day.

What is a beauty product you absolutely can not live without? Please let us know in the comments.

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