Fashion News. New Ads from St. John.

Struggling knitwear brand St. John is attempting to regain status through its ads. After a few years featuring Angelina Jolie, the house’s new, more editorial ads feature relatively unknown models in various settings around New York City. Former spokeswoman and the founder’s daughter, Kelly Gray, returns behind the camera (thank goodness) in the role creative director, and the ads are shot by Mark Seliger.

"Everyone felt that, with so many new colors, textures and patterns, it
would be fun to show multiple looks," St. John exec Glenn McMahon said. "And going back to
models would signify a departure from the old campaign. How do you top
Angelina after three years?" Check out the evolution of St. John’s ads below.

The unintentionally hilarious ads featuring Kelly Gray and various sexily clad men. The house unsuccessfully attempted to make its image more youthful.

The Angelina years. Classic black and white ads shot by Mario Testino cash in on Jolie’s massive fame.

The newest shots.



Is St. John moving in the right direction? We think they might have peaked with Angie.

Source: WWD

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