Elimin8tor: Fun, Fast and Intense New Fitness Class at Equinox

Elimin8torat Equinoc Chicago
One of the newest fitness classes at Equinox is called Elimin8tor. (I know, it sounds like the name of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie!) This 45-minute class is an intense, spirited and interactive metabolic training class which is driven by each participant. People taking the class assist in the process of exercise elimination and unknown intense “finisher” exercises. This full-body, loaded movement based training engages and empowers you to push, progress and play!
Elimin8torat Equinoc Chicago Gold Coast
Elimin8torat Equinoc Chicago Gold Coast Jenn Hogg
I tried this class at Equinox Gold Coast in Chicago with Group Fitness Manager Jennifer Hogg. She asked us to pick up various weights, sandbags and bands (I was sure to include a few lighter weights as back ups!) Taped to the mirror were about 10 cards with different workouts. Jenn started us off with a series of the interval-timed exercises using the cards and then volunteers got to choose which of the (killer) exercises to “eliminate.” Most of us agreed and wanted to hug that person for taking a (grueling) sequence away. But the final say came from Jenn, so this class kept us on our toes (literally, I guess I can say when it came to push-ups!) Before I knew it the class was over. It’s a fantastic, total-body workout.
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– Carol Calacci

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