Happy Easter Weekend! Shop The Spring Trends 2022

We hope you have a wonderful Easter (and Passover) weekend! Easter is time for renewal, and spring is finally here. That’s why this weekend is an ideal time to start planning your spring wardrobe. And we can help you do that with 9 of the best Spring 2022 trends we found for women over 40.

Best Spring Trends 2022

1. Gingham
2. Crochet
3. Dramatic Draping
4. Popcorn Textures and Froufrou
5. Highlighter Marker Colors
6. (Not So Mini) Skirt Suits
7. Tails and Trains
8. Psychedelic Prints
9. Pants Under Skirts

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Have a fabulous holiday weekend. We are taking a few days off, and will be back on Tuesday April 19, 2022.

– Lauren and Carol

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