Dress Like Celebrities at Fashion Week: Try These Unusual Color Combos

Whether it was unique textures or statement silhouettes, many outfits worn by celebrities stood out at New York Fashion Week this season. But it was the unique color combinations that really made an impression, with trendy patterns, mismatched prints and embroidered fabrics hitting both the runway and the front row with a vengeance. While some may argue that NYFW is dying, thanks to the many location changes and lack of exclusivity (which differed from past fashion weeks) one can’t argue that the celebs who came to the shows made impact in their gorgeous and unique color combinations. Those color combinations in particular lead to very memorable looks ironically worn by some of the younger stars. Yet just because they’re younger doesn’t mean those inspiring outfits can’t be made age-appropriate at the same time. Here’s a look at some of the unique color combinations on celebs at New York Fashion Week and how you can wear them too.
worn by Kiernan Shipka at Marc Jacobs 
Kiernan Shipka may be just 16 years old, but she’s one of the most fashionable style stars to come out on the red carpet in the past two years. We’ve literally watched her grow up and evolve into the glorious fashionista we see today. At the Marc Jacobs presentation she wore an extremely colorful three-piece floral ensemble marked by sequins and mixed textures. Although Marc Jacobs is known to cater to the younger set her wardrobe looked well beyond her years, but not so much like she was trying to look older with her fashion risk.
There’s a way to keep floral young and age-appropriate at the same time. Blend different color combinations and mix the textures (sequins go well with tweedy fabrics after all!)
Matching Prints 
worn by Olivia Palermo at Carolina Herrera 
We’ve never doubted Olivia Palermo‘s penchance for fashion, whether it’s mixed textures or or matching prints. Her outfit at Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2016 show was no exception. Pairing matching Carolina Herrera top and culottes was only made more eye-catching by wearing it over a navy blue turtleneck and under a navy blue coat which added some color blocking to the ensemble. The red suede Christian Louboutin red suede boots were unexpected but livened up the outfit.
The key to wearing prints that match is to keep them streamlined and in the same fabric, while breaking up the ensemble with solid colors.
Tunic over Skirt
worn by Emma Roberts at Coach 
Emma Roberts‘ busy and patterned dress at the Coach runway show isn’t a tunic and skirt at all. Nevertheless, it’s a great example of what can be done with a unique color combination involving a tunic and skirt. Let’s just say it was a tunic and skirt and not a frock in this instance. Here’s the fashion advice one could glean from this ensemble.
When pairing a unique color combination (in Emma’s case it’s green and yellow) it’s best to keep the top half busy in its own print and color and the bottom half in a totally separate one. Of course, the look is further enhanced by the silhouette – a flowing A-line shaped top half with a bottom half that flows further outward. Notice there are two different colors between top and bottom, though the print remains the same.
Romantic Texture
worn by Kate Bosworth  at Tory Burch 
Tory Burch has done something amazing this season — taking colors that don’t usually go together (in this case, panels of orange, blue, and purple) and piecing them together in a romantic texture (in this case, lace.) Tory Burch is known for her color blocking, but  the ensembles worn by celebs like Kate Bosworth and Jaime King are the epitome of romance mixed with cool color.
This brings me to another interesting point. Pairing unique color combinations can be statement-making and elegant at the same time with a romantic texture like lace or brocade.
– Simona Shemer Photos: Kiernan Shipka, Daily Mail UK; Olivia Palermo, OliviaPalermo.com; Emma Roberts, GotCeleb.com; Kate Bosworth, Just Jared

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