EyeRise™ Revisited


Several years ago I wrote a post on my life-changing, non-surgical EyeRise™ treatment by Dr. Bracci  at Verve Medical Cosmetics (Verve’s Non-Surgical EyeRise™…a Dream Come True!). The post was wildly popular and I was asked about the procedure by friends, friends of family and total strangers and since I’m all too willing to share, I did. So clearly I had to go back again once I realized the dark sallowness had returned. It happened slowly so I wasn’t even aware of the problem until I realized I was going through a LOT of concealer. If eyes are the window to the soul, I surely did not want anyone to see mine was getting old!

EyeRise is Dr. Bracci’s innovative non-surgical technique that involves a tailored combination of different injectable fillers around the sides of the eyes, the mid-face region, and the cheek bone areas. The results are immediate and they last for up to three years! Check out my before and after pictures above for proof.

Read more about my most recent EyeRise experience here!

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— Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Verve Medical Cosmetics


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