Verve Medical Cosmetics’ Non-Surgical EyeRise™ Miraculously & Instantly Wipes Away The Years

EyeRise-Undereye-circles-before-after-Patient Before-After-under-eyes-EyeRise-Cosmetic-Treatment Dark-Circles-Under-Eyes-Before-After-EyeRiseSometimes you don’t miss something until you realize it’s gone. Right after I gave birth to my second son I visited Dr. Bracci at Verve Medical Cosmetics where he eradicated the dark circles from my eyes (and gave me some much needed Botox). Sure I was tired, but the sallowness and darkness in the eye area also comes with age. He used fillers to perform his proprietary EyeRise™ treatment. No surgery needed. In fact you can have the procedure done during your lunch hour (read my original article from 2011 Verve’s Non-Surgical EyeRise™…a Dream Come True! at Second City Style.) Well has been over 4 years since I had the procedure and the sallowness and dark shadows have returned and I hate them more than ever! I mean I really hate them. So I knew it was time for a follow-up visit. In fact it was more than time. Eye creams can only help so much. So what is EyeRise? It’s an innovative non-surgical technique developed by Dr. Bracci that involves a tailored combination of different injectable fillers around the sides of the eyes, the mid-face region, and the cheek bone areas – all three of which reduce a tired or aged appearance underneath the eyes. He studies your face like an artist studies his subject and uses cosmetic fillers (which vary depending on your specific needs) for each layer underneath the skin. There is no particular recipe, but each and every client is treated with a combination of several fillers, in precise but different layers to restore the natural architecture that has eroded over time due to age. EyeRise provides a more natural look immediately by restoring the architecture of the eyes without making permanent changes to the face. EyeRise adds back the support where you once had it instead of surgery, which involves cutting away what you currently have. EyeRise does not involve any cutting or repositioning of the skin and tissue. The procedure provides instant results, and may be performed in a lunch time appointment. It requires little or no downtime after treatment so you can go back to the office with a makeup touch-up and nobody will be the wiser. EyeRise also allows for future tweaks and adjustments, making it easy to maintain the optimum results from the procedure for as long as possible. Dr. Bracci explained it to me like this; he looks at cosmetic procedures the same way an artist would (he calls himself a cosmetic injectables artist) and doesn’t feel comfortable making patients look like overdone freak shows like one tends to see on reality TV. The procedure is relatively painless and is done as quickly as getting BOTOX. The result of EyeRise is a fresher and more natural appearance. And unlike most dermal fillers, this procedure can last up to three years! How’s that for anti-aging?
Here are my before and after shots. You can see the dark circles are gone! I swear I am not wearing one trace of makeup either. Dr. Bracci made sure I had every last bit removed.
I obviously love it since I came back for it again! It turned out I had a little too much filler near my eye area on the left side which was making that eye area appear even more sunken, so he reduced the filler there. Then he used a combination of 3 fillers to build up my eye area on both sides in about 10 minutes. I couldn’t be happier about the results either. In fact I went out with my husband right after and he had no clue. Verve Medical Cosmetics 240 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022 212. 888.3003 To find out more about EyeRise visit: – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Verve Medical Cosmetics

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