Don’t Miss It! We Will Recap & Dish On Real Housewives Fashion

Since I already waste so much time watching reality TV such as the Housewives of Wherever, I thought we should start recapping and discussing some of the fashions (and fashion tragedies) from some of my favorites Housewives shows such as the upcoming RHONY and the new (and probably sure to be unbelievably over-the-top) Dallas (RHOD). So stay tuned for recaps coming this April. If all goes well, we may also do The Bachelor/Bachelorette since I don’t usually watch it, but I know many of our readers do. I will be live Tweeting too so be sure to follow us (see below).

So I was reading my Sunday NY Post (one of my other favorite Sunday activities) this past Sunday and there was an article about why anyone would sign up for this show and come back for more. Simple answer – it’s worth it! The article “‘RHONY’ made me look like a psycho b–h, but I’d do it all again” went in to the lengths and shame these women are willing to suffer for reality fame. And even tough there have been divorces (who is really a wife on these shows anymore anyway?), suicides, tears and public scorn on social media, most said they would do it again and again. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!

The axed Aviva Drescher

Remember when Aviva Drescher tried to save her place on the show by dramatically throwing her prosthetic leg on a table? Well she said she’d do it again! Of course she would. She was reality famous, if not boring. *True fact, she used to live across the street from me on the Upper East Side (I would sometimes see her), but I heard she moved after the first of her two seasons on the show because her rental building (we owned) would not allow Bravo to film. So she moved to a townhouse and still got canned. How’s that for karma? She claims after being manipulated by producers, vilified by castmates, publicly shamed by her disgusting pig of a father and berated as an “idiot” and “witch” by the Twittersphere – SHE WOULD STILL DO IT AGAIN! Well, she needs the money. Townhouses on the Upper East Side are ridiculously expensive.


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The newly engaged LuMan

Yet apparently Bravo doesn’t pay that well until you’ve established yourself as a keeper like Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel (who already is a millionaire from her Skinnygirl empire). And if you make the cut you had better deliver or you will be tossed like last year’s fashion! “It’s not a show that celebrates women,” says Kelly Bensimon (“RHONY” seasons 2-4). “But that’s just the nature of the beast: He who barks the loudest gets the bone.” And the bone can cost them personal money.

Bravo didn’t put “a dime” toward events the “Housewives” threw in the beginning (now they do) so these women would throw lavish parties, rent yachts, buy expensive clothes and Birkins and have someone do their hair and makeup on their own nickle.

The deadly duo: Ramoaner Singer and Sonja Morgan

Oh and these long friendships they have all had to get friends on the show? They are usually as fake as everything else on the show. Some have known each other socially but mostly they are casted and friendship is “created.” Cindy Barshop (who lasted just one unmemorable season) was introduced to Ramoaner Singer by producers and they didn’t even hit it off, but the producers liked her anyway. So she made it. Then she sucked.

Stay tuned for the new girl (who replaces Heather Thompson) for the eighth season of “RHONY” which premieres April 6. Flatiron “mom” Julianne Wainstein (she’s actually married – for now) better make a big splash or it’s curtains for her too. I can’t wait, and will be all over the drama and fashion come April 7, so check back.

Read RHONY’ made me look like a psycho b–h, but I’d do it all again here!

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Bravo

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