DIY Wallet On A Chain: Easy How To Make It Video

Do you have a favorite designer wallet you wish you could wear as a shoulder bag? Well guess what? You can easily make it into a wallet on a chain! Especially now that it’s summer and you want to minimize and carry only the items you need. You can now have the perfect mini bag for a party or anytime you want to wear a small handbag and have your hands free. Here’s how to make a wallet on a chain.

DIY Wallet On A Chain 

Watch this video and I’ll show you how easy it is to make!

Materials For Your DIY Wallet On A Chain 

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This Gucci Ophidia Textured Leather-trimmed Printed Coated-canvas Continental Wallet or Saint Laurent Monogram Logo Leather Flap Wallet will work!

• A wallet with a flap and an inside zipper. Many designer wallets will work and it is a great way to save money since wallets are much less expensive than their mini bags. 

Shop More Designer Wallets

chains silver gunmetal gold rose gold to make wallet on a chain bags fountainof30
6mm Purse Replacement Chain Strap, Mini Bag Handle Chain from Etsy
chains hanging in bags on wall in craft store
Chains from JOANN Fabrics

• A long chain with small hooks at both ends. You can buy one ready made from Etsy or do it yourself! Make a chain from materials you find at a fabric or arts and crafts store.

• Long nose pliers

• Measuring Tape

diy wallet on a chain materials bag tape measure chain lobster clasps long nose pliers

How To Make A Wallet On A Chain 

Use the measuring tape in place of a shoulder strap and mark the length that works for you. I’m 5’ 4” and 48”- 52” works best for me as a shoulder bag and crossbody. If you are taller, or would like a longer crossbody you may need a longer length and if you are or more petite you may need a shorter length. That’s why it is always important to measure.

Buy the chain and hooks from a fabric or crafts store. I went to a JOANN Fabric & Craft store and they had a wide variety of chains in different metals and various patterns and lengths including 48” and 52”! Choose a chain that you can open the links with a pliers to add hooks to each end of the chain. I also found lobster clasps (20 mm) that were small yet sturdy enough to hook through the zipper on my wallet. Or you can order the chain with clasps ready made online (but be sure the shipping costs aren’t more than the chain itself!).

Use the long nose pliers to open a link on one end and attach the hook through the link. Close up the link with your long nose pliers. Make sure it is secure. Then do the same thing on the other end of the chain. Now you have a chain with clasps at both ends.

diy wallet on a chain close up of silver chain o black wallet

Hook one hook into the zipper, wrap it around the flap and hook the other hook into the first hook.

how to make a wallet on a chain black bag silver chain worn with blue sweater

Now you have a wallet on a chain!

Do you have a special wallet you’d like to put on a chain?

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DIY How To Make A Wallet On A Chain Bag with Video.

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