There’s nothing as modern as bright white leather mules, pumps, slides, sandals, boots and sneakers.  Here are 7 DIY tips  to keep your chic white leather  shoes clean. 

1.  Soap and Water Spot Clean ASAP

If you see a spot on your new white shoes, clean it up as soon as possible. The trick is to wash the spot with gentle bar soap (like Dove or Ivory) and warm water on a soft rag or super soft toothbrush.

2.  Magic Eraser

If a soap and water spot clean did not remove the smudge, you may have to pull out the big guns. Yep, the Magic Eraser gets hard-to-remove scuffs off of white leather! 

3.  White Nail Polish  Touch Up

This touch up needs to be done very carefully, and is better suited for a scuff or smudge on your leather sneakers than a pair of Gucci pumps. White nail polish is a super quick way to white out a tiny smudge, stain or scuff. .

4. Toothpaste and  a Brush

A toothpaste and a brush with water method is good for an all over cleaning for white leather shoes. This works well if you are wondering how to clean white leather sneakers.

5. Hand Wash White Shoe Laces Or Buy New Ones

Cleaning the laces will make your white shoes look new again. Using a few drops of bleach and detergent in a pint of water, scrub the laces with a toothbrush and soak them for 5 minutes. Rinse the laces and hang them up to dry. Or buy new white laces.

6. Vinegar and Olive Oil Solution

Combine ¼ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of olive oil in a medium sized spray bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously and continue to do so throughout the process. Spray this solution to completely cover each of the shoes, wait for 5 minutes and wipe it off along with dirt and debris with a soft dry cloth.

7. Protect Your Leather Shoes

Now that your white leather shoes are clean, protect them from water and dirt with a waterproof spray for shoes. You should do this when your shoes are brand new, so they won’t get dirty as quickly. Use repellent  on your next new pair  of white leather shoes! 

Now that you know how to keep white shoes clean you will want to buy another pair!