The Art Of Style: How To Find The Perfect Mini Cross Body Bag

By now you know many of my trend posts start by my wants and needs. I need a mini cross body bag. OK, I want one. I have been saying this for months but now I am going to sit down and find one to actually purchase. Most days I carry a designer backpack but there are some days (and nights) I want something smaller. A lot smaller. I can’t carry a lot of weight on my shoulders due to my bad back which is why I carry backpacks instead of a tote. A small cross body bag I can handle though. So now I’m on the hunt. Here’s how to find the perfect mini cross body bag.

What I’m Looking For In A Mini Cross Body Bag

Mini bags are actually not a new trend. They have been popular for a few seasons now, but I never considered one because I usually carry so much “stuff” around. My personal requirements are it’s boxy (has some form), it is either black or a neutral color like blue which I can wear with most of my wardrobe and it has to be designer. Well. I’d like it to be designer since I am investing in it. I don’t want a Chanel bag because they are too heavy (those chain straps weigh a ton), but I want it to evoke the same feeling as an Chanel bag.

Most importantly, it must hold my iPhone Plus, a lipstick, a car key, my ID, a credit card, my license and a compact. That’s all I need. Is that asking too much? So it’s super important to carefully inspect all the provided photos and check the measurements holding your hone up to a ruler. While I am looking for a mini cross body bag that’s over $1,000 I added a few choices that come in well under, just in case my needs are not quite the same as yours.


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Oh and the YSL “blogger” bag which would have been a contender, is not large enough to hold a phone. What were they thinking? No blogger goes anywhere without their phone.

How to Find the Perfect Mini Cross Body Bag: MY Picks

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