Designer Dish. Zac Posen Chooses to Show in Paris

Zac Posen

American designer Zac Posen has confirmed that this year he will in fact be moving his Fashion Week runway show to Paris. Since the Spring, Posen has publicized his desire to show in Paris, claiming people understand him there more so than in New York. This statement followed Posen getting called out by publications like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, who claimed he was a "momma's boy and "a showman trying to project a sense of grandness" after last New York Fashion Week. So understandably, Posen was ready for a new scene.

The lingering memories of those articles, coupled with the fact that he was unable to get the time slot he wanted in New York, sealed the deal for Posen to jet off to Paris, who told WWD back in May that in Europe his clothes were "respected". Posen also told Vogue UK on Paris, "I always thought this was the city I was meant to work in after graduating from Central Saint Martins."


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So does this mean that his love affair with New York is over entirely? Not quite. Posen will be in New York for Fashion Week to show his lower-priced Z-Spoke line, which is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. His show is scheduled for Saturday evening at the Stage in Lincoln Center. On the diffusion line, Posen said, "Z Spoke is about creating a new American look which is effortlessly fun and playful. Collection is emotional — all about textures, construction and techniques which are true to the legacy of French fashion."

Article Source: NY Mag, WWD, Vogue UK, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal

Photo Source: NY Mag

-Alia Rajput

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