Project Runway Season 8 Episode 3: It's A Party: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


“Everybody loves a winner.” Doris Day certainly sang the lyrics, but that doesn’t necessarily make the statement true, especially for Project Runway. The designers seem to hate the winners, particularly when the same person wins two weeks in a row.  This week’s episode, along with its “It’s a Party” theme, centered on Gretchen and everyone’s obvious distaste for her. I have to admit, by the end of the episode I almost wanted to stuff a sock in her mouth to get her to shut-up just as much as Michael C. But it’s hard to stay too annoyed with her just yet, since she’s turned out three great designs three weeks in a row, and there have only been three episodes. But I’m jumping ahead…


This week the designers skipped Mood to visit the party store, Party Glitters. Yep, that’s right this season’s “think outside the box,” “get inspired from everyday objects” challenge had the designers creating garments from balloons, paper napkins, ribbon and more. That “more” included a paper palm tree as well. The only person who didn’t understand the concept was, you guessed it, Casanova.  Even though Tim stressed that the judges don’t appreciate garments made from fabric-like materials in these types of challenges, Casanova cleared out the table cloth aisle as well as hoarded the stuffed animals (which he later mutilated, most violently, beyond recognition, poor things!) And so goes an hour of uneventful TV.  Note to Project Runway casting team: women (this gal included) enjoy having at least one attractive, possibly heterosexual male to watch and lust over in an hour and a half’s time, especially if nothing more exciting occurs than Tim Gunn announcing “Oh, they’re wooly balls!”


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While Tim was impressed with this week’s results, the judges easily picked out the top and bottom three designs. Valerie’s black and white, paper napkin dress was fun and sophisticated and had guest judge, Betsy Johnson, exclaiming that it would be the perfect dress to wear when eating by the dim sum table. Gretchen was also in the top three with her fringed pencil skirt and faux leather jacket made of crumpled paper bags. Her only downfall was pairing her casually chic party look with a pair of horrid over the knee boots, eek. This week’s winner, however, was Andy, whose dress appeared to be made from leather and chains rather than ribbons…Well done, Andy!

The designers who didn’t fair quite as well this week included AJ, whose design aesthetic involves many of the materials included in this weeks challenge, created a look that was silly, but needed to go way more over the top than he had. The dress that Casanova created was such a monstrosity that Heidi likened it to a parade float, but he was still saved from elimination (lord knows why) and Sarah, with her yawn-worthy, sad dress is out. I guess it’s better to project bad taste than no taste at all.

But the drama didn’t end there; after the runway show Ivy collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. How will she fair? We’ll have to find out next week.

Andy's design "You are the winner!"

Gretchen's Design


Valerie's design


AJ's design


Casanova's design

Sarah's design "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

"I hate that bitch, Gretchen, and I can't believe she won again."—Michael D.

"It's like she pulled out an Urban catalog and pulled out ideas." —April

"A party store is like cheese ball city and nothing about my design aesthetic is cheese ball." —Gretchen

"I have no idea how to make a dress with hats, horns, whatever." —Casanova

"We are not making a pinata, we are making a dress" —Casanova

"Everyone in the room knows you love a hot glue gun." —Michael C.

"Her things are just atrocious, it looks like a jelly fish." —Ivy about Kristin's dress

"They're animal wooly balls!" —Tim

"You are so up tight, it's like you have a piece of coal stuck up your rear end." —Tim to Peach

"It's getting tropicana." —Gretchen to Sarah

"If I'm in the top with Gretchen again, I swear I'll be the Susan Lucci of Project Runway." —Valerie

"There's nothing wrong with camp. It's like you threw all the party favors at her at once. It looks like a hot mess." —Nina to AJ

"I'm all for short, but I don't know about the fringed crotch as the focal point." —Michael Kors

"I could see you and Rhianna fighting over this one." Michael to Heidi regarding —Andy's dress

""Where do I start? She looks like a transvestite, flamenco dancer at a funeral." —Michael Kors on Casanova's dress

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—Bonnie J Brown

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