Chicago Events. Go Green Go Vintage! Summer Vintage Trunk Show

Inside Go Green Go Vintage! Summer Vintage Trunk Show.
Over the weekend, Go Green! Go Vintage! Summer Vintage Trunk Show was the place to be for vintage clothing addicts looking for one of a kind fashion finds. Never having explored the world of vintage apparel, being a seasoned department store shopper, I was eager to discover hidden treasures I could intermix with my contemporary wardrobe.
Local vendor Allie showing off a floral frock and jaguar purse.
From the glitz and glam of ‘80s apparel to proper ‘50s housecoats, the span of eras was extensive! I was drawn to ‘70’s pieces (a decade very in vogue in this summer) such as bohemian sundresses, jumpsuits and crossbody bags. Allie, an avid vintage collector who also sells her handpicked pieces on, had a variety of accessories, clothing, and other goodies on hand. My favorite finds from Allie’s collection? A reworked tee she cropped and embellished and a crossbody bag adorned with a metal  jaguar.
Modeling a top embellished by Allie.
Rounding out the collections, several vendors brought life back into thrifted garments by adding buttons, lengthening and shortening hemlines or adding embellishments. The event organizer, Frances Klick, also offered oddles of her own goods – everything from pieces pulled from her closet to thrifted items she personalized.
Frances and her favorite pieces!
Then, finally, there was Jennifer, the badass vintage globe-trotting entrepreneur offering a stunning white and silver beaded dress from the ‘80s that still felt extremely wearable for today. For true vintage die hearts, Jennifer’s collection included a standout piece, an gold ornate floor-length dress from the ‘40s. In one word: Amaze!
Jennifer flaunting a glitzy dress from the '80s!
A close up of an extravagant gown in Jennifer's collection.
After attending Go Green!, I’ve developed a new appreciation for vintage clothes. Learning how to style vintage pieces with modern fashions – I truly understand the concept that everything old is new again!      

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