Chicago Event – Beauty & Spa Day with EcoTools!

EcoTools Chicago Event 1
What could be better than a day of spa pampering and beautifying? Well, if you can think of something better, I’d love to hear it!
EcoTools stopped by Chicago to show off its new line of hair brushes, bath products and more of those handy dandy makeup brushes you might grab at your local drugstore. The leaders in eco-conscious beauty products, these 100% cruelty-free brushes and tools are affordable – just the thing you need for your everyday routine!
There was just so much good stuff, I can’t tell you about all of it. I will tell you about the top three tools I fell in love with:

Teni Panosian showing us the smoky eye
Teni Panosian showing us the smoky eye

Blend & Smudge Brush – As much as I adore makeup, I’ve never been an expert in applying it. In fact, I get so scared of putting on eyeshadow, my daily go-to is a quick liquid liner cat-eye. So, you can imagine my trepidation when we were told we had to apply our own smoky eye with this duo brush. The brush hairs were so soft, even though they are synthetic. It was smooth to ease the shadow lines in the crease by just flipping the handle in your hand. This might be the brush that finally gets me into eyeshadow colors!
Pure Perfection Facial Sponge – I didn’t get to try the sponge while we were testing out products, but once I got home, the real fun began. It starts out feeling like a pumice stone but once it hits water, it immediately softens up. It’s in an egg shape so it’s easy to reach every crevice of your face without drying or irritating the skin.
Sleek + Shine Finisher Brush – I have very fine, flyaway hair. And when it gets a little windy out (which in Chicago, is all the time), my hair starts to look like a dry bird’s nest. Nobody wants that. I usually use a regular brush to make my hair manageable but this ends up breaking some off. Here lies this awesome brush! The unique bristle pattern allows the synthetic boar’s hair to evenly distribute the natural hair moisturizers for a sleek look.
EcoTools Chicago Event 2
EcoTools Chicago Event 3
I made my own scrubs so now I feel smooth and smell like cake.
I made my own scrubs so now I feel smooth and smell like cake.

Find out more about EcoTool products from their website,!
-Taneisha Jordan
Photos: Second City Style

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