Celebrity Style: Menswear-Inspired Outfits

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us, the weather is cooler, and the fashionistas have pulled out their best menswear-inspired ensembles. This year, it wasn’t only the black tuxedo jackets and cigarette pants that hit the runways and red carpet. Stylish stars also added tie-neck blouses, jacquard textures, embellished jackets and matchy-matchy suits in striking colors to their menswear-ish looks. Although the look might be a little too dressy for work, let’s check out how the celebrities wear the menswear trend of 2015. Elizabeth Olsen White It wasn’t just the Olsen sister’s long frame that made this white suit so stunning. It was the unique and elongated jacket with the hidden buttons (or was it a zipper?). It was the wide leg pants. It was the striking essence of the entire ensemble and the cool way Elizabeth Olsen wore it so fiercely. It’s very hard to pull this color off, even if you’re a celeb, but she does it perfectly and ushers in the era of the white suit. Victoria Beckham – Black Ahh Victoria Beckham. The queen of pulling off menswear (well anything) just right. It could be her petite frame – or it could be that she knows what looks good on her. At the British Fashion Awards, the pants were on the short side, the jacket was on the long size, and those lapels were perfection. I’ve never seen Ms. Beckham do a suit wrong. Amber Heard – Brocade Everything about this suit is IT! And yet, I don’t think just anyone could really pull this off. Amber Heard has a petite frame and makes the tight and shrinking pants and jacket of this Dolce & Gabbana suit look dazzling. The brocade adds a chic and embellished touch and of course, that men’s tie gives it that final punch. I even like the bedhead-y updo, though it sort of throws off the elegance of this outfit. What a classy, style-savvy look this is, and I hope we’ll be seeing more brocade suits on celebs and fashionistas alike in the future! Cate Blanchett – Feminine Not sure if this would fit into the suit category, exactly. But I had to mention it because the slacks and voluminous top combo give new meaning to the term “feminine menswear.” Throw on a jacket and could this be the new way to wear a suit? Maybe. It certainly gives Cate Blanchett panache. Not that the dazzling fashionista needs any. – Simona Shemer Photos: People.com Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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