4 Amazing Celebrity Looks Every Woman Can Pull Off

Everyone wants to dress like their favorite celebrity fashionista, but sometimes those fashionistas go a little overboard with their outfits (think Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Rihanna in her heyday). Most of us just want to wear something elegant to a dinner party, chic out on the town, or something comfortable and stylish just to make us feel good. It’s not often (or ever) that we get invited to a big red carpet event, like these Hollywood stunners. Nevertheless, we can still take some cues from them when it comes to putting together a fabulous outfit (a perfect silhouette, great colors, and a refined and sophisticated look.) Here are four outstanding celebrity looks every woman can wear.

Let’s take a look at these fashionistas for some inspiration and ideas:

celebrity looks every woman can wear Mila Kunis black green sequin Sally LaPointe
Mila Kunis

You can’t tell from the picture, but Mila Kunis‘ black blouse is backless. That’s not what I like about it. But wait, there’s more. You may think this is a two-piece, but it’s actually one long dress by Sally LaPointe. I definitely like how the belt breaks it up and love the illusion of the two-pieces even though it’s one. I wish it wasn’t so tight, but the combination of colors works well together and the glittery skirt actually doesn’t look too dressy thanks to the more casual short sleeves on the top half (not the backless portion which I wish wasn’t part of the ensemble.)


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celebrity looks every woman can wear Katie Holmes plum Zac Posen

Katie Holmes

If you’re going to wear a fancy dress, make it simple and easy like this plum Zac Posen gown Katie Holmes wore to the Brooks Brothers Bicentennial Celebration. We don’t usually have the opportunity to wear a beautiful gown, but if we did this is the kind of dress to choose. It’s simple but statement-making, a bold color and fits in all the right places. Now if only we could achieve Katie Holmes’ enviable figure…

celebrity looks every woman can wear Allison Williams black with sheer dress Gabriela Hearst
Allison Williams

Allison Williams is surely a fashionista and she wears every piece she has on so well. I saw this look on the runway model and she didn’t quite fill it out the way Williams did. What I mean by that is sure, she is skinny, she has to be to be in the business. But I feel even the average woman could wear this black Gabriela Hearst dress with the sheer top and look fabulous in it. It’s elegant, ladylike and not too much. The black heels compliment the look but you could also change it up with some black Oxford booties if you so choose. Don’t forget to check out that ear cuff she is wearing. I’m not a fan, but maybe you are? What do you think?

celebrity looks every woman can wear
Meghan Markle

Sure, you can’t always take your fashion cues from Meghan Markle, soon-to-be princess (just check out this street style look on Meghan Markle we found for less), but there’s something I especially love about ensemble shown above. I can copy it at home! No, I won’t be going out and buying an Alexander McQueen jacket (although you can, of course do) but the idea of the bold print dress under the black blazer never gets old.

– Simona Shemer

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