Celebrity Style: Daring Looks and How To Wear Them Yourself

Ahh, the celebrity risk taker. There’s always the celebrity fashionista who thinks she can get away with any fashion statement, even the strangest one (think Solange Knowles in her yarn dress in New Orleans back in 2016), or Lady Gaga, of course. Sometimes you think, “Wow, I could really learn a thing or two from the way she wears that” and sometimes you think, “Take that off right now!” You envy them and what it takes to pull off that ensemble, but you don’t ever think you’d be able to get away with it like celebs can, no matter how much you want to. Well, you can. Just build your style based on the following celebs and their celebrity style daring looks.

Whitney Port – Party Pajamas

You think athleisure is something special? You ain’t seen nothing, yet! Whitney Port is a huge proponent of the pajama eveningwear trend, and sometimes I just want to say, “Enough already!” But I have to give this girl props for consistently wearing something that is both stylish (when not overboard) and comfortable at the same time. To keep your own sleep uniform in tact, make sure you wear a matching top and bottom, and throw on a cover up for good measure. (Whitney’s choice was a cool leather jacket.)

Ruth Wilson – Art, Christian Dior

I love a good comic or art drawing on fashion as much as the next person as long as it doesn’t look too cartoonish. While I’m not sure I’d opt for the see-through skirt (I would probably line it underneath), there’s something super cool about Ruth Wilson‘s Christian Dior number because it’s graphic and colorful. Remember, fashion art and graphics are in, Disney is out!


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Elisabeth Moss – Fitted, Shiny, The Vampire’s Wife

Alright, let’s see what you think of this getup. Yes, it’s a few sizes too small. Sadly, it looks like Elisabeth Moss had to be sewn into the dress. But the color is fabulous and the idea behind the dress is great, if you can pull it off. Unfortunately, I would say that Elisabeth Moss couldn’t. There are other celebs that could wear it. Yet I do have to say one thing, if you’re going to wear a dress so fitted and shiny, make sure you do it in a bold color that’s not too overboard. This dark green color is beautiful. And girl, I’m loving those shoulders. Just be sure give yourself a little breathing room!

Gal Gadot – Corset, Pantsuit, Cushnie et Ochs

Are you living under a rock or did you see new “IT” girl Gal Gadot on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? Did you see that amazing ensemble she wore? I don’t know if every fashionista could make it work like she did. Long legs look even longer in wide-leg trousers and that sheer corset is to die for. I used to think Cushnie et Ochs only did sexy cutouts, but they proved me wrong in this gorgeous look that is both sexy and fluidly effortless at the same time. Besides the embellishments on the corset, it’s sexy but easy. Who needs anything else when you’ve got that?

–Simona Shemer

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Photos: Whitney Port and Ruth Wilson, People.com; Elisabeth Moss, TomandLorenzo.com; Gal Gadot, Starstyle.com 

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