Bringing Back The Vintage: Luxury Shoot in Tel Aviv, Israel

Take a model, an international makeup artist, a local stylist, a talented photographer, a charming host and a boutique hotel in the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East and what do you get? A glamazon photoshoot showcasing the best of Luxury Vintage, of course! Recently, a deluxe fashion shoot was held in a luxury boutique hotel tucked in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. The Brown Hotel was the perfect setting for the shoot, as it oozed “Luxury Vintage” from the beautiful bookshelves lining the library to the vintage champagne fridge.  This urban boutique space has rich brown walls and a sizable living room with soft lighting and an ambiance that is a throwback to the 70s.  While there was a torrential downpour outside to welcome the coldest months in Israel, inside was warm, cozy and just right.  The team on hand, photographer Yaki Zimmerman, Stylist Hagar Regev, Makeup Artist Tal Botzer, model Gabi Peto and Emma Sulkin, coordinator of the afternoon’s shoot and founder of the exclusive concierge club Israel Concierge, were quickly ushered into a room by the hotel manager to prepare for the shoot. The model Gabi Peto actually works in advertising, specializing in digital domains and New Media, but she was picked for this specific photoshoot because she had the look of a bygone era, according to Makeup Artist Tal Botzer and host Emma Sulkin.  “She has a kind of vintage look, her facial structure has that quality,” Sulkin said.
Gabi Peto (left) is ready for her close up as Stylist Hagar Regev and Makeup Artist Tal Botzer (right) check out the camera before the shoot
Gabi wore vintage pieces picked by Stylist Hagar Regev. Regev, an expert in the field of style, fashion and design has worked in advertising, commercial tv, and film.  She has a range of specialist boutiques and works to put together outfits and costumes from any period, including accessories.  Regev has a sharp eye for vintage, and picked out various items for this shoot including the lace tights, multhued tops, blue beret and other clip-ons, colorful earrings, and satin and silk clothing. She used what she thought were “vintage colors” for the shoot. Makeup Artist Tal Botzer, a cosmetician who has eleven years experience doing makeup for brides fashion, TV, advertising, theatre, and films in fashion capitals like London and Paris, was the makeup artist on the shoot. Botzer used MAC foundation, concealer, and blush with a wonderful “Naked Palette” she personally created for Gabi.  She created a nice juxtaposition of light and dark with dark, smoky eyes, mascara from L’Oreal, and passionate sexy red wine and pink colors for lips.and blush from MAC.
Tal Botzer
Botzer has international experience doing makeup for the movie Bend It Like Beckham (she was the assistant makeup artist to stars like Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) and has done awards show makeup for singers Sting and Enrique Iglesius. Her work has also been featured on many popular Israeli tv shows.
Tal's work
Yaki Zimmerman, the photographer behind the stunning photos, specializes in lifestyle, fashion, portrait, and travel photography for a host of international magazines and advertising clients.  His unique style and approach has taken him to lcations across the globe, with photoshoots of people from the world of film, television, fashion, business, and sports.  His passion for photography can be seen in his work and his unique approach to pictures.
Model Gabi Peto
Emma Sulkin, the coordinator for the shoot and the narrator you’ll see in the video below, is the founder of Israel Concierge, an exclusive 24hr service providing luxury VIP treatment to clients in Israel.  Sulkin, a transplant from London, move to Israel in 2004 and decided to hone in on her experience in organizing events, parties, and corporate functions for clients like JP Morgan.  Having already produced a fashion event in London, Sulkin applied those skills to coordinate this fashion shoot in Tel Aviv as part of Israel Concierge’s new fashion team.  It makes sense that Sulkin says, “I’ve always loved fashion.” She was vital in the efforts to cater to some of the foreign journalists in Israel for Tel Aviv Fashion Week, including The Daily Telegraph’s Lisa Armstrong. Check out these exclusive photos from the stunning fashion shoot. –Simona Kogan

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