Beauty Buzz. Shiseido Names Jennifer Connelly as First Ever Global Spokesperson


Jennifer Connelly

I was just thinking about Jennifer Connelly the other day. And how, despite the fact that she is so stunningly beautiful, she always seems to wind up with the most undeserving guys in her movies. In He’s Just That Into You, Bradley Cooper totally cheats, as does Patrick Wilson in Little Children. She has to deal with Russell Crowe’s severe issues in A Beautiful Mind, and don’t even get us started on Jared Leto in Requiem For a Dream (we ALL remember how that turned out…). Of course in real life Connelly has one of those rare, beautiful marriages to Paul Bettany that we all hope to someday have. And now she has even more reason to flash that million dollar smile since Shiseido has named her as their first global spokesperson for the flagship brand.
The Japanese beauty brand is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year and naming Connelly as a worldwide face is part of their plans for continuing growth. This year marks our 140th anniversary and it is our intention to look to the future and continue to inspire women around the globe,” said Hiroshi Maruyama, general manager of the international marketing department at Shiseido Co. Ltd. Connelly’s first major job in her new role is to front the campaigns for Shiseido’s Future Solution LX premium skin care line.
Connelly was launched to super stardom as a teenager after playing heroine Sarah in the 80’s cult classic fantasy film, Labyrinth with beloved Jim Henson puppets and of course, the legendary Billy Idol. And apparently, her relationship with Shiseido started way back then, as she told WWD, ““I’ve had a long relationship with Shiseido — I worked with them in the Eighties on an ad campaign, and have been using their products ever since. It’s nice to reconnect with them after so many years.” Connelly just completed shooting her first ad campaign for the Future Solution LX premium skin care line, which will debut in the fall.
-Alia Rajput
Article and Photo Source: WWD

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