Chicago Event. Black Label Fashion Workshop: Style 101


Fashion Stylist & Designer Yanira Garza of Black Label

All I can say about this workshop is WOW! It was like color erupted everywhere and there was no room left for boring! That was the first thought that entered my mind when I arrived to the Cha Cha Room in the Catalyst Ranch in Chicago which was chock full with comfy chairs and pillows in a variety of happy colors and patterns.

I wanted to go plop myself down on the plumpest love seat, but I got distracted by the most intoxicating aroma of savory empanadas from Maconda Chicago. I picked up two pieces and added a few squiggle lines of their special avocado sauce and inhaled it in five seconds flat. It was absolutely delicious.


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Now that I was properly fueled up for shopping, I decided to do a quick lap around to visit all the designers before the presentation started.

My first stop was Black Label’s table which featured a very lovely gold and jade necklace and a convertible black dress that I would love to pair together and wear for a night out of town or pair it with a cardigan for a day at work.

The second booth was where Poesi was showing off  their gorgeous selection of delicate earrings and necklaces. While chatting with Julie Booma, the designer, I found out that she customizes bridal jewelry to match the bride’s dress! How neat is that? I’m definitely passing Julie’s card to all my brides-to-be.


Center: President/Head Artist Hernan Rivera of Sin

After saying my goodbyes to Julie, I stopped by Sin, where make-up artist, Hernan Rivera, was showing a few ladies how to get ready in five minutes. I saw the girls a little later in the event and they looked extremely put together and confident. I wished I stayed to watch the whole session. Darn.


Owner & Designer Lesley Timpe of Squasht

Squasht was right next to Sin where I saw the cutest hats in the most flattering cuts. Close by was Salon M. Go, who has a new line of Moroccan oil that works wonderfully on wavy hair and the last table was the Metaboliq System, which is a new weight loss program that could help you lose 10 lbs. in a month by resetting and recharging your metabolism naturally!

Michelle_Melissa_Gomez_M.Go_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style Holly_Hughes_Health_Goddess_Black_Label_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style

Left to Right: Michelle & Melissa Gomez of M. Go Health & Goddess Holly Hughes for Metaboliq System  

After finishing up at the last table, I went to sit down to enjoy the presentation by Yanira Garza, fashion stylist and designer, who was so passionate about providing the best style and beauty consultations for her clientele no matter what their budget.

The presentation goes on to address current trends, fashion no nos, and basic must-haves. A perfect refresher course for me and probably a good foundation builder for a fashion newbie.

Yanira ended the presentation saying that If you are one of those people that have a problem throwing things out, or need a whole team to help you look your best for a big event, entrust yourself into Black Label hands. They'll take great care of you and as soon as you become a client, you hold that title for life. I wish more businesses would adapt this beautiful concept.

In conclusion, the Black Label Fashion Workshop helped me rejuvenate my look and spirit. I picked up quite a few tips on beauty and styling and I can't wait to utilize it! I  started my week off great thanks to everybody that contributed to this event!

-Yen Le

Photos: Steve Starr

Source: shopblacklabel

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