Legally Yours. Whitney Port Sued by Member of Design Team

You're not fooling anyone with that angelic smile, Whitney

Surprise of the day: Whitney Port doesn't design most of her clothing line. OK…..breath deep now. And before you recover from that, I'll also add that, as a celebrity, she may not always be as good as her word. You may want to sit down before you pass out from shock.

Seriously though, Ms. Port has reportedly gotten herself into trouble by peeving off a member of her design team who claims to have started the line with Port and is responsible for most of the current designs. Adrienne Baravetto has filed a lawsuit against Port in an L.A. County Superior court, claiming she met with Whitney Port and her father in 2007 to create a clothing line for women called "Eve & A". Baravetto's official statement claims she never signed an official contract but there was an oral agreement between both parties — and she was promised an $80,000 annual salary plus 25 percent of the company. This was all well and good when no one had heard of them but Bravetto says as soon as the label gained positive press, Port took over by changing the name of the label to "Whitney Eve" and booted Baravetto out of the deal. Baravetto is suing for her promised end of the deal in addition to punitive damages. Now we're all left scratching our heads saying, whose made the more idiotic mistake here? Port for allowing her transparent talent to seep out to the media? Or Baravetto for being satisfied with an "oral agreement" to confirm a business deal?  Seems like they both need a good kick in their designer pants.


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