Black and White Fashion: Get Inspired by These Celebrity Looks

Black and white fashion has always been celebrated for its versatility, elegance and timeless appeal. Outfits in black and white provide a stable foundation for any wardrobe, but also endless possibilities for styling and innovation.

Designers have long known this, and continue to make the color combination their go-to for classic, elegant looks and trendy motifs. Here’s how five stylish celebrities have recently embodied black and white fashion, showcasing enduring charm and classic sensibility.

Celebs in Black and White Fashion

Kate Middleton in black and white fashion fountainof30
Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

Kate Middleton – Stability In Black and White

After six months away due to cancer treatment, UK royal Kate Middleton made a return to the spotlight with her family at Trooping the Colour on June 14. For the debut, she chose Jenny Packham, a designer she can count on, and one she has worn countless times before to red carpets and big royal gatherings. 


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Kate donned a white Jenny Packham dress accented with black-and-white ribbon and a wide-brim Philip Treacy hat. Publications posted that it was a royal rewear, incredibly similar to the dress she wore to a coronation lunch in May 2024, though this time it had a black-and-white striped belt and a bow. 

Kate Middleton black and white ribbon bow
Kate Middleton

It was familiar. It was classic. It was stable. It was Kate. Or rather, it embodied the message that Kate wanted the public to walk away with it. That message was reliability, grace and familiarity in trying times.

Kate used black and white to convey reassurance, hope and stability during a challenging period. By choosing a trusted designer and opting for a black and white ensemble, she subtly communicated resilience and the enduring strength of family. The stark contrast of black and white not only signifies a balance between opposing forces, but also reflects a timeless elegance, further emphasizing the steadfast nature of her role within the royal family.

Tessa Thompson in black and white Chanel fountainof30
Tessa Thompson in Chanel

Tessa Thompson – Black and White for Innovation

In stark contrast to Kate Middleton, there is the use of black and white for innovation. This was exemplified by Tessa Thompson at the 2024 Met Gala. Every year, the Met Gala brings its share of innovation and risk-taking, as designers showcase the event’s theme in different ways.

This year’s theme focused on the exhibit “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” and examined how technology can breathe new life into garments that are too old and fragile to be worn again.

Chanel is a timeless brand, so it’s interesting that Tessa Thompson wore a piece from the label that was unique and fresh. Obviously, its previous designer, the late Karl Lagerfeld was no stranger to black and white, but current designer (but now outgoing) Virginie Viard also used the colors to create some drama. There was something very interesting about how Viard played with silhouette and proportions, with the skirt hiked up above her waist and open to reveal a sort of transparent fishnet stocking effect which was embroidered with sequined bows. It was not something that I have seen before, although to be honest, it may have started a trend and we’ll probably see it again. It’s quite unique.

Anne Hathaway in black leather white shirt fountainof30
Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway – Trendy Black and White

There’s no way I can mention black and white without throwing some leather in there. And who better to exemplify that than Anne Hathaway, the fashionista that can pull off any kind of look you throw at her. What I find so unique about this black and white look is that, in the words of WWD, it puts an edgy spin on suiting.

Hathaway wore a black leather blazer, waistcoat and skinny pants consisting of black leather. It wazs paired with a white button-up and a black tie, which I think really adds to the whole menswear-inspired vibe. The mix of menswear and leather elements really make the look trendy for me. 

Sarah Paulson in black and whiter fashion Prada floral
Sarah Paulson in Prada

Sarah Paulson – Black and White Elegance

During the recent 77th annual Tony Awards, Sarah Paulson donned a custom Prada gown when she won her Best Leading Actress in a Play award.  What made this black and white look so elegant for me was how ladylike it was; the bows, structured shoulders (with padding!) and the black embellishments.

But then, Prada is known for its femininity and elegance. The column silhouette of the gown and even the sequins added to the sophistication of the gown.

Demi Moore in classic Elie Saab black and white polka dots
Demi Moore in Elie Saab

Demi Moore – Classic Black and White

Black and white polka dots are always the perfect classic go-to.  Nowhere was this more evident than on Demi Moore at a casual event at the Cannes Film Festival. Moore wore a classic Elie Saab polka dot midi dress with Aquazurra shoes at a photo call for her movie, The Substance.

Sure, she has age-defying looks, but it’s the way that Demi Moore wears her pieces that really make her a sight to behold at any event.

Which style of black and white do you prefer?

– Simona Shemer 

Photos: WWD, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Vogue,

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