The Best Joggers and How to Style Them Over 40

The comfortable jogger pants trend is going strong for spring 2020! What’s not to love about them? Especially if you are lounging around the house as much as we are these days. You may be wondering if you can wear them and if this trend is right for you. I found some of the best joggers for women over 40 and I’ll show you how to style them.

Best Joggers for Women Over 40

Should women over 40 wear joggers? Of course, yet the question arises because if you are over 40 and hear the word “joggers” you might think of sweat pants. You could conjure the fleece sweats we wore in college, to hide the “Freshman 15” or just because they were so comfortable to study (and sleep) in. The words “sloppy” and “sweatpants” became synonymous. As we matured, sweats were certainly a look we wanted to avoid, except in the comfort of our own home/couch/bed. We didn’t want to look like Rocky running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Then about 5 years ago, when fitness wear became runway fashion and the term Athleisure became a part of our fashion lexicon, joggers were abundant. My initial problem with joggers was the shape. Pants that are cuffed at the ankles could make my hips look too wide, and the slouchiness too much a reminder of the Zubaz of the early 90’s. I did not think they would be flattering at all.


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The New Styled Joggers

Then I noticed these new styled joggers were not quite as billowing and the bands or cuffs at the ankles were not always so tight. So I decided to give them a try. I came to realize I would not look like “I Dream of Jeanie” in the updated style of  joggers.

The new cargo styles and the joggers in fabrics besides fleece looked flattering and a bit dressier, too. I have always liked mixing side stripe track pants with contrasting styles of apparel, so why not do the same with joggers? I soon learned that I could!

Fabletics Maj Pants
Fabletics Maj Pants, $49.95

The first pair of joggers I bought and loved was this pair of camouflage print “Maj pants” from Fabletics. They have more of a cuff at the ankle instead of a knit band, side pockets (to hold your phone), flattering seams and panels, and a flat, fold-over waistband. My original intention was to wear these to the gym instead of tight leggings, and to look a little more appropriate while running errands afterwards. I adored them so much I soon got them in black (even Lauren has a pair now too). During the quarantine, these joggers have become my “go-to” pants because they work from my home office to my stay-at-home video workouts and to my daily outdoor walks to my essential store runs. I can throw them straight in the wash too!

Now that our country is starting to open up for business, I know I will continue to wear joggers (in public) and keep them in my arsenal of everyday pants. Consider wearing joggers instead of your shorts or jeans this summer. Here’s how to find the best style joggers for women over 40.

Best Joggers for Women Over 40

fleece joggers
Avoid fleece joggers! They are too much like sweats.

1. Find joggers in fabrics besides fleece for a more versatile look. Avoid fleece joggers for the street. There are many options available including cottons, jerseys, lightweight nylons, tricot and other sporty polyesters.

2. Look for joggers with a flat front, and a slimmer fit. I prefer joggers with a loser cuff at the ankles to avoid a harem pant look. To keep the look neat avoid joggers with too much volume. Find a pair that are loose but lay close to your legs and hips.

3. Seek out joggers with interesting details like cargo-style pockets and vertical seams. These details add function and make your joggers look and work more like streetwear. The panels and details are flattering as well.

4. Joggers look best and hang properly when they are just above the ankle or just to the ankle. In most cases (with fashion there are always exceptions) you don’t want them to be too long or to pool around the ankle. The ankle length works best for most shoe styles too.

5. Find a pair of joggers in black or a neutral color. If you purchase one pair of joggers this season, I recommend a pair in black because you can dress them up or down. Consider greys, olive greens, tans and off-whites that can go from the gym to a cocktail party. These pants will also be ideal to pack when we can travel again!

Jogger Styles To Try

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to try the jogger trend. Target has these two basic styles that are flattering and you can get both of them in black as well as neutrals.

Best Joggers for Women Over 40 target cargo grey fountainof30
Dressy-looking fabric and cargo styling: Target Women’s Stretch Woven Cargo Joggers – All in Motion™, $30
Best Joggers over 40 cream
A flattering no-band tapered ankle: Target Women’s Mid-Rise Ankle Length Jogger Pants – A New Day™

How to Style Joggers Over 40

1. First try them in place of your jeans. A basic solid pair of joggers will work with everything from a tee shirt and sneakers to a dressy silk blouse and heels. Wear them the same way you wear your jeans.

2. Wear something unexpected with your joggers. Contrasting elements is how fashion often works. Try a conservative menswear style button down shirt, a sparkly sequin tee-shirt, a long tunic top or a pair of slides or loafers with your joggers. Have fun with your outfit and don’s be afraid to mix up styles.

3. What shoes should you wear? In the case of joggers the age old-question can be answered quickly. “Anything goes.” You can wear sneakers, pumps, strappy heeled sandals, flat mules, booties, slides or platform sandals. However, make sure the shoes go with the rest of your look. Are you going for sporty-casual? Then wear sneakers, flats or slide sandals. Are you wearing your joggers with a dressy top for evening? In that case you can go for pumps, strappy heels or platform sandals.

4. Pull it together with a jacket. A structured jacket like a jean jacket, blazer or leather biker jacket can instantly dress up your joggers. For a softer and more casual look, try a long cardigan or silk bomber jacket.

Here are some of my favorite joggers and fashionable ways to wear them when you’re over 40. They range from inexpensive to expensive but I like the way they are styled in every case!

Best Joggers for Women Over 40 with heels
Joggers with heels: 3.1 Phillip Lim Cargo Pocket Jogger Pants, $450
H&M Pull-on Pants joggers
Joggers with a long cardigan: H&M Pull-on Pants, $29.99
 linen joggers sage green
Flat slide sandals with linen joggers: H&M Linen Joggers, $34.99
silk joggers with suit jacket heels fountainof30
A dressy jacket and joggers option with strappy heel sandals: Jason Wu Satin tapered track pants, $395
Rick Owens Crepe de chine track pants black
Joggers with a biker jacket: Rick Owens Crepe de chine track pants, $900
HM Lyocell Utility Joggers with white shirt fountainof30
Joggers with a button front shirt and sneakers: H&M Lyocell Utility Joggers, $34.99

Will you be wearing joggers this season? How do you style your joggers? We’d love to hear from you!


Carol Calacci

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