The Best Jeans For Women Over 50: Splurge vs Steal

I love wearing jeans! I wear them practically every day. That’s because they are very comfortable and can be easily dressed up or down. I also feel younger when I wear jeans and that’s why it is important to keep up with denim jeans trends. If there is one item in my wardrobe that needs a constant update or tweak (because the styles change gradually) it’s denim jeans. So I found six styles for fall that are both on-trend and ideal for women over 50. Well-known designers make denim jeans with premium fabrics, details and styling, but you can get very similar looks for less. So here are some of the best jeans for women over 50 (or any age) to splurge on or get for a steal.

The Best Jeans For Women Over 50

Some of the best jean styles for fall include straight leg, criss-cross, skinny, boyfriend, wide leg and flare leg. These styles are not new, but you will notice higher waistlines and newer styling. Some styles are called 80s or 90s but you may not (or may) be able to pull out your old jeans from those eras (if you still kept them). Denim styles are ever-changing even if it is just slightly.

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Straight Leg Jeans

Most of the newer styles have gone from skinny to straight, which is a godsend for women over 50. They are less revealing, they skim over the knees and balance out most figures. These Loewe High-rise straight-leg jeans are perfect if you need one new pair of jeans this season. They are worth the investment of $750 when you consider you will wear probably them 10 times a month! But you can also find similar styles for a steal like these 90’s High-Rise Vintage Straight Jeans by Universal Thread™ for Target, which are now only 29.74!

Criss Cross Jeans

This style is kind of trendy, but it is one you can pull off. The criss cross waist is unusual yet flattering and reminiscent of the 80’s. Try these AGOLDE criss cross frayed high-rise straight-leg organic jeans for $210. Or if you want to try the trend for less than half the price, these Abercrombie & Fitch ultra high rise 90s straight jeans, are now only $66.75.

Skinny Jeans

For all you skinny jeans lovers, don’t worry, they are still in style, and probably will always be! Look, Balmain made these sleek and cool high-rise skinny jeans (for $1,080) in black denim. With signature gold hardware, and a shadow screened “B” on  the back pocket they are quite collectible. The faded black is very versatile too. But Topshop came up with a similar pair (sans the chic details) with their Jamie jeans in washed black for only $74.

Boyfriend Jeans

A comfy pair of boyfriend jeans without a lot of holes are ideal for women over 50. These Rag & Bone Rosa high-rise boyfriend jeans fit the bill for $255. But if you want to reduce the bill, these GAP mid rise girlfriend jeans with Washwell are now $48. They are almost identical, with a slightly darker wash that you may like better.

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are so comfortable and I, for one, am glad they are back. They do look better with higher heeled shoes, but you can also go with flats for that slouchy runway look. These Veronica Beard Taylor frayed high-rise wide-leg jeans are wonderfully tailored for $300. Or you can  get these GAP Organic Cotton High Rise Stride Jeans with Washwell for only $79.95

Flare Leg Jeans

Flare leg and boot leg jeans have made a big comeback for fall. They can make you look longer and leaner. I especially like the flare leg jeans that are looser in the knee like these CHLOÉ Merapi high-rise flared jeans for $1,050. But for less than one-tenth of the cost you can pick up these EXPRESS mid rise medium wash 70s flare jeans for only $98.

Shopping Tips:  Jeans for Women Over 50

Try on several pairs of the same jeans in the same size. Let me explain. When shopping for jeans for a steal I tend to grab 3 pairs of the same jeans in the same size and try them all on. It’s amazing how the fit can be different. The sizing can be off even up to an inch! When jeans are mass-produced for less, the quality and sizing can change quite a bit. Designer and premium denim jeans are more consistent in sizing.

Try on different sizes of the same style. Don’t worry about size when it comes to jeans! Different styles and brands fit very differently, so you may want to try on 2 or 3 sizes in one style of denim jeans. I know it is a lot of work, but it is worth it. It’s important to get the right fit because you will wear them so often.

Try a style that suits your figure. Look for a silhouette that you know will work for you. As a woman over 50 I know after years of trying on jeans what will work on my body, and you probably do too. My legs are bigger and waist is smaller so I am loving the straight leg, wide leg styles and high-waisted styles, and not so much the skinny or boot cut styles that are tight in the thighs. Knowing how to style your own body is one good thing about growing younger!

Do y0u need a new pair of jeans? Would you like to try one of these styles? Will you splurge or steal?

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