Beauty Post Covid: What You Need To Know

There is no denying the world has changed in the wake of Covid. You might even be afraid to get those “vanity” appointments you never gave much thought to before the world was turned upside down. You know, like nails, hair color, waxing and Botox/fillers.

Beauty Post Covid Podcast

Therefore Melissa Chapman of The Staten Island Family and I interviewed Dr. Steve Fallek, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director at BeautyFix Med Spa on our podcast “Beauty is a Bitch!” to find out what you can expect so you can make an informed decision whether you want to go back in or not. I for one got my Botox, hair color and nails done as soon as we entered phase 3, but admit I was very nervous at first.

What To Expect At The Doctor’s Office Or Spa

The good new is things are much safer. At least that’s what Dr. Fallek assured us. What should you expect when you book an appointment? First and foremost you will be pre-screened. They will ask you if you’ve had Covid and what your travel has been like to make sure you have not been to hot spots. Once you clear that part, you may find it to be more difficult to actually get an appointment because they can’t see as many patients as they used to. A doc that might have seen you within a week may now not be able to see you for a month. Many will have you call the office once you arrive and wait in your car (or on a street corner if you’re in a city) until they are ready for you to come inside. They will take your temperature before allowing you into the waiting room (and in the case of medical buildings to even enter the building) and the waiting rooms will be empty and void of any magazines and water.
The one thing that is for certain is you will be expected to wear a mask the entire time. This means during any service. If you want filler around your lips they may or may not do it. So ask prior to your appointment.

Be Prepared For Beauty Post Covid

Dr. Fallek says it’s best to be prepared, so call and find out what safety guidelines they are following before you go. You should also ask all the questions you want answers to during this call. What should you be asking? Well you are just going to have to listen to the podcast to find out!
We also talk to Dr. Fallek about his thoughts on the disturbing trend of desperate women (and some men) doing their own Botox and injectables! This is not the type of DIY project one should be doing without the proper training. I pray none of you are doing this, but we discuss why this is a very bad idea. We’re talking permanent damage.
We also discuss what the most popular procedures are now that we can get back to a doctor’s office or spa. The trends have changed a bit  since Covid. Take a listen to find out. It’s fascinating (if I do say so myself).

Beauty post covid: what you need to know when getting your first procedure!

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