Bad Judgement Du Jour. Heidi Montag Reviving Her Clothing Line.

Heidi Montag in Heidiwood

In the name of all that is holy in the world of fashion! Please! No, not this! Anything but this!

We're expecting that was the general response the world over when the news broke that reality starlet and species from another world, Heidi Montag may be bringing back her clothing line, Heidiwood. Almost exactly a year ago, the news broke that Heidiwood's parent label, Anchor Blue, would not be renewing another contact with the starlet after only a year of operations. Though reps for Anchor Blue insisted that the contract had only been made made for one year and that both parties were happy to leave it at that, we all suspected the truth: the line was discontinued because it, like all of her shows, was a collective waste of time and money. Consisting of cheap-looking animal printed tops and sky high shorts, it was not hard to see that the lifespan of such a collection would be brief. But alas, will it now become resurrected in these days of barely there sheer and pantslessness? Montag apparently Twittered this morning, "Designing today for my new fashion line! I LOVE FASHION!" Yes, as do we. Which is why we're praying Montag is not serious this time. Doesn't she have a recording contract to work on? Go bother the music industry instead.


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Article Source: Twitter, NY Mag
Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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