Happy Birthday Avelle…Bags & a Giveaway


In honor of Bag, Borrow or Steal's (now Avelle) 5th anniversary celebration we were asked to sponsor a post about bags…and we were all too happy to oblige. As you all know, we LOVE bags!


Hey, times are tough and we get that not everyone can afford an entire closet of designer bags right now, and you know how we feel about fakes…seriously, don't get us started. Therefore, we are of the opinion, if you are going to rent your bags, go big or go home! Personally, I was absolutely stunned by the sheer numbers of bags Avelle has to offer. Mind you, I mainly stayed in the couture section. Anyone who knows me by now knows I adore a good Yves Saint Laurent or Miu Miu bag. However, I decided to branch out a bit too. I have been coveting the two Be & D bags above. I'm a sucker for ruffles.

Rent the bags pictured above:

1. BE & D 'Cosette' Hobo Handbag

2. Miu Miu Small Matelasse Top Handle Tote

3. Gucci 'Hysteria' Large Top Handle Tote

4. Chanel Large Shopping Tote

5. BE & D Kan Kan Tote

6. Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Large Tote

7. Gucci Patent 'Hysteria' Medium Top Handle Handbag

8. Prada Nappa Ruffled Tote


What totally floored me (in a good way) was the amazing selection of vintage bags for rent. Who knew? I mean, why not rent a $20,000 Birkin? Who can afford one otherwise (OK. Jill Zarin, but who else?)? Frankly, I think vintage Chanel can not be beat. And for evening, nothing says glamor better than a Judith Leiber bag. If you have a sense of humor the Dallas vintage telephone bag is a sure conversation starter…pun intended.

Rent the bags pictured above:

1. Chanel Vintage Classic 2.55 Quilted Bag

2. Leiber Vintage Oversized Python Clutch

3. Lana Marks Vintage Crocodile Handbag

4. Moschino Vintage 'Maison' Handbag

5. Hermes Vintage Lizard Constance Handbag

6. Dallas Vintage Telephone Shoulder Bag

7. Andrea Pfister Vintage Piano Bag

8. Hermes Vintage Crocodile Kelly Handbag

As part of the Avelle Anniversary Event is which runs from April 22 – May 13, Avelle is offering members special anniversary pricing and announcing some great new designer items. Over 300 items will be released during the three weeks as well as excellent prices (30-35% off regular

rental prices) on over 800 existing classic products. Rumor has it they include some pretty major designer names, but if you are a member you will receive email updates as they launch.

Leave a comment to this post about the bag you would be most inclined to rent from Avelle if you win and why and you could be the lucky winner of a $250 Avelle gift certificate! How cool is that? Be creative. The winner will be announced May 13th. Good luck!

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Comments (142)

  • Karen T 11 years ago Reply

    Avelle here! We are soooo excited to hear from everyone! Lots of bags to choose from, so have fun and good luck!

  • Lauren Kleiman 11 years ago Reply

    I live in Chicago and I’m looking for a new job, so I would have to pick number eight, the Hermes Vintage Crocodile Kelly Handbag. Its the perfect size to hold samples of my work, extra resumes, business cards…Not to mention its timeless professional beauty.
    In a perfect world, not only will they love my work, but they will adore my sense of style, wonder how on earth I can afford such a work of wearable art, and I will be hired on the spot. (Hey, a girl can fantasize!)

  • I would rent the classic looking Chanel shopping tote! It goes with everything and will with stand any trend. LOVE it!!!

  • Mojo Writer 11 years ago Reply

    Ring my beeel, ring my bell… I hear #6 the telephone bag calling me.
    Avelle taps into the real fashion dame inside me — not like that other bag site (yawn). Not only do they carry the yummy YSLs and Chanel but they actually cater to people who know high-end bags don’t mean Coach. They know their vintage baby.
    OK. I think I might actually take this call 😉

  • kimberlynyc120 11 years ago Reply

    That’s easy! Hands down the Yves Saint Laurent Silver Stamp Tote…I’d rent for two months!! I’ve been eying it for about a year while eying my bank account and the two have never gotten along very well. I adore the Parisian address on it and can pretend the Chicago River is the Seine (right? Ha!) And it’s perfect for carrying everything I inevitably “need” when I’m trucking back and forth between my hometown of NY and my new town of Chicago.

  • Jennifer 11 years ago Reply

    I would go for the Hermes Vintage Crocodile Kelly handbag. It’s classic, and classic never goes out of style!

  • Carol 11 years ago Reply

    I went right for the “Number 1” bag The BE & D ‘Cosette’ Hobo Handbag. And much to my sadness, but not surprise… it is not available…someone must be borrowing the bag right now! This bag is in high demand, which shows I have excellent taste! As long as it is back for me when I win…

  • Jean V Pratt 11 years ago Reply

    I’m looking for a couture Summer bag! I never have a great Summer bag that works well & looks HOT! I’m thrilled at the idea of NOT spending $2000 bucks for one. Great post.

  • Lauren - Second City Style 11 years ago Reply

    Yeah! These are some great answers! Keep them coming!
    Lauren – Second City Style

  • Karen T 11 years ago Reply

    The Hermes Crocodile Kelly bag is beautiful and in the words of Rachel Zoe; “I die, I die”.
    @Mojo Writer Luv it! Lol! Call me!

  • Becky - Avelle 11 years ago Reply

    Becky from Avelle here. I personally love love the Hermes Vintage Croc Kelly handbag. And had in my hands only days ago. Couldn’t put it down! It is so amazing. Wasn’t sure if I felt like movie star or royalty. Kind of both. Lucky Grace K to have a lux bag like this named for her.

  • Alexandria 11 years ago Reply

    #6 Yves Saint Laurent downtown large tote because bronze is ALWAYS beautiful and I’m a downtown girl in need of a good, strong, downtown tote to tote around all my crap! 😉

  • Isabella Lindsey 11 years ago Reply

    THe vintage Hermes is to [email protected]#$ing die for! UHHHH, I need it I need it! Its so beautiful AND has a great professional look to it. I’d rent that baby for a nice long time!

  • Chicago Chic 11 years ago Reply

    Forget the American Express. I would never leave home without my ‘Moschino Vintage Masion Handbag’.
    It’s completely unique, looking like nothing produced from today. Plus, it reminds me of the mod house in Tati’s ‘My Uncle’, one of my favorite films. (FIngers crossed that I win!!!)

  • Raha 11 years ago Reply

    I prefer Chanel Vintage Classic 2.55 Quilted Bag as it goes with everything; But the #5 BE & D Kan Kan Tote calls to my sprit

  • Karen T 11 years ago Reply

    @Raha I rented the BE & D Kan Kan tote two weeks ago and I kept getting compliments left and right! It was divine and had a hard time parting with it.

  • Lauren - Second City Style 11 years ago Reply

    Isn’t that Kelly bag amazing? I know, I die too. It’s bananas. Mind you, once I had my hands on it, I’m not sure I would give it back and death would ensue for having a $20,000 charge on my AMEX.
    I recently saw, held, coveted both BE & D bags pictured in the first grouping and I want both…like for keeps. Not sure I could give those back either! The ‘Cosette’ bag is surprisingly light…even with the chain, it’s not Marc Jacobs heavy. I have to say it looked like kit belonged on my shoulder 🙂

  • SusaninWP 11 years ago Reply

    I’m thinking snakeskin, and in particular, python! The Gucci Pop Bamboo Tote, the Lambertson Truex Geneveive Satchel, and even the Judith Leiber Python Clutch have slithered into my consciousness. They are hissing at me, begging to be borrowed.

  • Rachel 11 years ago Reply

    I have a definite weakness for Prada and the #8 Prada Nappa Ruffled Tote is AMAZING! I love neutral bags with a flash of character. Already dreaming of which outfits it would complement most…

  • icecreamgirlmz 11 years ago Reply

    The ruffled details on the BE & D Kan Kan tote (number 5) would be my pick – it’s fun yet the color adds a touch of simplicity that adds a zing to every outfit – perfect for those girls who prefers to go with classic outfits – but with a modern twist! Ahh its so cute! 😉

  • Lauren - Second City Style 11 years ago Reply

    These are some great answers. You all can/should go through the Avelle site and share your favorite bags with us. Don’t just agree with my picks! Feel free to disagree as a matter of fact! We WANT to know what bags float YOUR boat.

  • Naomi P 11 years ago Reply

    The Chanel Large Shopping Tote would satisfy the bag diva in me.

  • Becky - Avelle 11 years ago Reply

    I just read your challenge to all of us to find other fabulous favorites. And thought a pop of color would be fun to add to this list…BUT since your obviously a vintage lover how about the Hermes Red Leather Birkin. I absolutely love Vintage too and this is another favorite of mine.

  • MA 11 years ago Reply

    I like number 5, the BE & D Kan Kan Tote! It’s so fun, feminine, and attention-getting, but still really classy. Beautiful 🙂

  • HollyC 11 years ago Reply

    Tylie Malibu Sahara Hobo Handbag in grey- it is a cross body style- Perfect size, color goes with everything & grey is my fave. Such an interesting company!
    [email protected]

  • Allison 11 years ago Reply

    Number 1 – A Classic Chanel – Never to go out of style. Gorgeous. Classic. A statement piece.
    So excited about Avelle! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • kathemc 11 years ago Reply

    DEFINITELY that Prada Napa Ruffled Tote — so chic!

  • Zarka 11 years ago Reply

    I would like to rent a Chanel 2.55 just to feel FABULOUS from Avelle…

  • aaj83 11 years ago Reply

    oh wow…i am DROOOLING over the Avelle website! 🙂
    anyways…if i had to choose from the bags you mentioned i would definitely rent the “Gucci Patent ‘Hysteria’ Medium Top Handle Handbag”
    i chose that one b/c the color is so UNIQUE…reminds me of ROYALTY..;)
    and i looove the shape and hardware on it..!

  • Elisa 11 years ago Reply

    I’m pretty sure I’d rent the Botkier Morgan Hobo in purple. It’s just so me! i don’t normally like fringe, but I love how this bag mixes a classic shape with edgy details – and hello, can we talk about the color? Purple is my absolute favorite!!

  • Lisa 11 years ago Reply

    Wow, I would have to say number 8! That bag is a piece of PERFECTION!

  • herblady 11 years ago Reply

    It’s the Chanel Vintage Classic 2.55 Quilted Bag for me! Why? I happen to love quilting, it happens to be a classic I have always coveted, and sadly, because I happen to be pretty *vintage* myself, so us two old classic vintage bags should stick together!
    Happy 5th Anniversary, Avelle and thank you for the contest, Second City Style !

  • Kiss Kiss Beauty 11 years ago Reply

    I live in Shanghai right now, where the pace of NEW is unimaginable! New buildings, new money, new regulations, new information, new growth — everything changes all the time.
    I would therefore take comfort in a vintage bag, one that has weathered trends and remains beautiful and timely despite its age. The Andrea Pfister Vintage Piano Bag is my favorite. It would complement the Art Deco-era buildings in my neighborhood and fit right in with Shanghai’s very bold style sensibility!

  • simone 11 years ago Reply

    I would love to rent the new kate spade Preston Hollow ‘Small Flower Pot’ Tote. Its just so cute & springy – I can’t resist. As a new mom who hasn’t bought herself anything in over – well lets see – at least 9 months, this would be a great way to lighten my mood, my heart, and my wardrobe! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Marilyn Wons 11 years ago Reply

    I would be most inclined to rent the Andrea pfister Vintage Piano Bag. I love going to the symphony, so this would be so fitting!

  • Amber G 11 years ago Reply

    What a genius idea! I would be most inclined to rent the Fendi Large Leather Chef Tote!
    Thanks for the giveaway – please enter me.

  • Karen 11 years ago Reply

    The Madison Moschino! It’s so pretty!

  • Denise 11 years ago Reply

    I really like the Hermes Crocodile Kelly bag. There are so many things to choose from!

  • Katy M 11 years ago Reply

    This giveaway rocks!!! Thanks so much!!! I would have to chose the Chanel Large Tote! It’s quilted with the CC logo ebroidered and has the edgy chain handles. Love! Happy Birthday Avelle! Thanks for awesome giveaway!!! 🙂

  • christina singer 11 years ago Reply

    I love the number 7, but what girl doesn’t love Prada. Thanks~

  • adrienne gordon 11 years ago Reply

    The Yves Saint Laurent Silver Stamp Tote, I could travel in style.

  • Wendy L King 11 years ago Reply

    I love #6 – Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Large Tote. Thank goodness bags are nice and big these days, leaving room for the GPS, cell phone, digital camera, etc, etc, etc !!

  • lisagee123 11 years ago Reply

    The Moschino Vintage ‘Maison’ Handbag
    is so cute!

  • anna 11 years ago Reply

    I am not going to be original here- i would rent classic quilted Chanel handbag like this one:
    it goes with every outfits and is perfect for any occasion:)

  • Heather 11 years ago Reply

    The Hermes crocodile bag!

  • sandy 11 years ago Reply

    3 for job searching and meetings- I like that one

  • Rochelle K 11 years ago Reply

    Definitely the Miu-Miu-Small-Matelasse-Top-Handle-Tote. It is the epitome of perfection – from the eggplant color to the striped texture. I think it is gorgeous and I would soooo lovve to see it on my arm. Hope I win!!

  • Darlene Alexander 11 years ago Reply

    I love the Hermes Vintage Crocodile Kelly handbag. It’s a classic and sooooo versatile.

  • Brittania Thompson 11 years ago Reply

    One word.

  • Ashe Mischief 11 years ago Reply

    Quite possibly this delish Miu Miu Small Matelasse Top Handle Tote handbag (we obviously have similar taste! 😉 I love that that color pops, while being subdued, and the design is just so textured…

  • Heather S 11 years ago Reply

    I like the Chanel Vintage quilted bag the best

  • Caitlin 11 years ago Reply

    I LOVE the Chloe Paddington New Shopper Handbag in Grey… I dream of the day I can afford something as beautiful as that bag.
    I would bring it with me on my Trip to London this year. I would fill it with my Phone, My collection of lip gloss, My City Moleskine journal, my Digital camera, my video camera (have to document it properly for my YouTube peeps!), and I would stash little trinkets I find around the city. Funky Jewelry from Camden, Little handmade things from Portabello Road, Photobooth pictures with my friends from Tracadero in Piccadilly Circus… ohhh the possibilities.
    Excuse me while I wipe up the puddle of drool on the floor. 😉

  • Abby 11 years ago Reply

    The dallas vintage telephone bag as I love a conversation piece!

  • Ashley B 11 years ago Reply

    The Marc Jacobs Venetia Satchel, besides being big, beautiful, and beige (I LOVE versatility – and pockets) reminds me of a really sweet story regarding my mom. I’ve always had a Marc Jacobs obsession (who doesn’t?) but never had any of his items. I was also coming to that age when a really nice handbag was becoming necessary (or at least very desirable.) ANYWAY, one Christmas my mother told me about how she had wanted to get me a Marc Jacobs handbag, but having no idea how much they are, she was wondering around Nordstrom and then finally asked someone where they were. The woman behind the counter replied “they’re there behind the locked case.” My poor mama saw the $900 price tag and sadly walked away, but I always think of her good intentions and how sweet she was about – as though I could actually expect anyone to spend $900 on a handbag for me (as much as I would WANT them to, hehe)!
    Anyway, so besides being a beautiful bag, I think my mom would like me to finally have my Marc Jacobs bag – even if only for a month! 🙂

  • Caitlin Plavala 11 years ago Reply

    My dream bag is a Chanel bag! I love them. They are icons.
    I love this pink one: Chanel Salmon Quilted Large Shopper Handbag

  • belle fantaisie 11 years ago Reply

    I would get the Chanel Vintage Classic 2.55 Quilted Bag. I would fill it with gorgeous make up and take it out to a party and show it a good time! And then I would take it home and hang it on my door so I could look at it all night!

  • Jen 11 years ago Reply

    If I had all the money in the world I would get the Chanel Vintage 2.55 Quilted Bag. It is classic and elegant. I would take it to a fabulous dinner on top of the Space Needle and dine in the stars. I would fill it with a vintage compact and red lipstick. 😀

  • Brooke 11 years ago Reply

    I’d totally swing go for the Prada Nappa Ruffled Tote. My favorite color, my favorite designer and I already know that it goes with my favorite spring dress. I can already imagine the adventures we’ll have together: on my way to work, walking in the park, picking up a latte and meeting up with friends!

  • Sam 11 years ago Reply

    OOH! Ooh! OOh! I totally want that telephone vintage bag! That is the epitome of cute!!

  • Angela J 11 years ago Reply

    Hermes vintage crocodile

  • Irene T. 11 years ago Reply

    I would love to borrow the Chanel Paris London Calfskin Tote along with jewelery! s…@h…l.com

  • Bexi 11 years ago Reply

    I would have to go for Chanel because I’ve been swooning for one ever since I can remember, but of course I’d never be able to afford one (at this point anyway). The style of this bag just blows me away, and I love the gray leather quilting and the bold CC symbol. Makes my panties a little wet.
    With that said as soon as I got this I’d fill it with everything that I could possibly need to go out, including my tooth brush & Hello Kitty diary. I’d then stroll around the town in my hugeee sunglasses going into every store and maybe stopping for some tea and a chance to write in my diary about the day carrying my fabulous bag. Ah…I love the thought of bagborrowsteal!

  • sara 11 years ago Reply

    totally the prada nappa ruffled tote. so pretty! the ruffles – oooh 🙂

  • Beverley Justice 11 years ago Reply

    Coach Holiday Patchwork Gallery Tote
    SKU# 7349
    Very classy…

  • colby parry 11 years ago Reply

    I would love number 6 because the phone bag looks so fun! I’m dealing with a lot of crap in life right now and I would love a gift certificate to make me feel better!

  • Kara 11 years ago Reply

    i wish I could rock the Leiber rabbit or at least meet the person who can. However, I love the Moschino Vintage ‘Antica Pasticceria’ because it is so charming and just themed enough.

  • Deeana 11 years ago Reply

    I’d pick the Filippa Sweet ‘Cherokee’ Large Python Hobo Handbag as my first choice.
    It’s really just the perfect bag for the warm weather that’s happening so suddenly in NYC right now. I’d throw it on with a sun dress and some heels and go for a walk in SoHo. Then I’d probably drop the classy act, stuff it with delicious snacks and go catch 17 Again. Yeah I said it. I’m a dork who thinks Zac Efron is hot. You wanna make somethin’ of it?! ;D

  • April 11 years ago Reply

    I would like to borrow the Chanel quilted leather tote because it’s classy and a little-bit rock star chic: http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Chanel/Chanel-Quilted-Leather-Tote/13744/18/142

  • Frances Carty 11 years ago Reply

    I have always loved this Hermes Bag since I first saw it 25 years ago at Bergdorf’s.

  • Anna 11 years ago Reply

    My favorite would have to be the Isabella Fiore “Chain Attraction” Desta Satchel Handbag. It’s basically a go-anywhere bag – appropriate for work, shopping, even a night out! And since I’ll be running around a ton this summer with two fashion internships, it would be perfect. Also, it’s purple, which is one of my fav colors of the moment!

  • cash-sweepstakes 11 years ago Reply

    Great Giveaway! I found you listed on Sweepstakes Advantage. http://www.sweepsadvantage.com . Good Luck Everyone!

  • Ange 11 years ago Reply

    I’ve been lusting after the Louis Vuitton Monogram Satin Aumoniere Evening Handbag on the since 2006 (…when I was 16 and planning prom.. really). If I had this bag, I would dress like a princess everywhere.
    and choice #2, more versatile, I think, is the Cynthia Rowley ‘Lena’ Handbag
    in which I would stow my iphone & id card, and wear with ripped jeans, flowing skirts, minidresses, and everything else in my closet. This bag completely works with almost every item I own. I already have 1 Cynthia Rowley bag, but it’s much larger & very hard to use in the everyday (like a black hole for small lipglosses, my car keys, etc).

  • janna 11 years ago Reply

    Love the number 4 bag!
    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!
    Janna Johnson
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • amber 11 years ago Reply

    I would love to rent the Betsey Johnson Stitch It Up Satchel, it’s so cute! It would look hot with oversized sunglasses and a cute mini dress. Love it! Thanks so much.

  • Monique Rizzo 11 years ago Reply

    I love the Snakeskin!! Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  • Kim 11 years ago Reply

    I would love to rent the Chanel Vintage Classic 2.55 Quilted Bag since it would go with everything I own!

  • Caroly 11 years ago Reply

    Bag number5

  • Courtney 11 years ago Reply

    I love the Versace Pebbled Leather Tote. I love the size and detail of it yet it’s basic enough for anything!

  • Lou 11 years ago Reply

    Julianne by Marc Jacobs (quilted shoulder)
    I would use this bag to steal soft dinner rolls from family restaurants. It’s the perfect size for crime – not too big to be conspicuous, big enough to fit the buttery rounds of goodness.

  • Anna Etheridge 11 years ago Reply

    Awesome bag! Tylie Malibu Sahara Hobo!!

  • Christie C. 11 years ago Reply

    I love this!!
    I found this there:
    It’s perfect! it’s soo glam with the patent leather and I love the chain strap…it makes it look so fab!

  • Carla 11 years ago Reply

    I would love to rent the Yves Saint Laurent Muse Small Satchel Handbag in RED! I have always wanted a red handbag. 😀

  • israel y 11 years ago Reply

    I like the 6. Dallas Vintage Telephone Shoulder Bag b/c i love vintage! plus i can trick people into thinking its a phone!

  • sarah 11 years ago Reply

    After a thorough survey of the entire Avelle site, I’ve decided that one of my favorite pieces is the Hermes Vintage Crocodile Birkin Handbag. I’m a sucker for classics, and the edgy take on a classic shape is just wild enough to take an outfit from boring to brilliant in one swoop! Another of my favorites is the Kate Spade ‘Bilbao’ Quinn Handbag. It is the perfect size for carrying essentials but will not impede posture due to the weight of the bag.

  • Cynthia Shern 11 years ago Reply

    [email protected]
    I would have to rent the Dallas Vintage Telephone Shoulder Bag! Wow, If that is a conversation starter it would be perfect for a motor mouth like me.

  • mary 11 years ago Reply

    I would not say Nada to the Prada Nappa Ruffled Tote
    I would fill it with guilty pleasures and wear this with pride. RUFFLES!!!!!!

  • HSlater351 11 years ago Reply

    I am all about the tote and since I’m renting I must borrow the Louis Vuitton ‘Heartbreak’ Monogram Jokes Tote! It is fabulous!

  • Katy M 11 years ago Reply

    Check out the Balenciaga Giant City Handbag! I’m in love!!! 🙂 http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Balenciaga/Balenciaga-Giant-City%5C%22-Handbag/16075/1767/46
    Happy 5th Anniversary, Avelle! 🙂 I’ve loved you from when you were Bag Borrow and Steal!

  • enna. 11 years ago Reply

    I’m really digging the Betsey Johnson ‘Betsey Be Bad’ satchel. It’s so quirky and vintage looking!

  • ashley 11 years ago Reply

    i love the miu miu ruched leather satchel

  • Rosanne 11 years ago Reply

    I would rent the Chanel Vintage Classic. I’d love to have that one. Have been a fan of Chanel for years
    [email protected]

  • Elisa 11 years ago Reply

    The Balenciaga Giant City satchel would be the first on my list! I love love love that bag. It’s the one that comes the closest to my dream bag, the Motorcycle bag (also by Balenciaga) from a few years ago. I love that edgy but luxurious look, it can transform your outfit from blah to fab and it is also so versatile! I could wear it with jeans, flats and a casual top during the day, or with a dress and ankle boots for a girls’ night out, and it would work equally well!

  • valerie mabrey 11 years ago Reply

    count me in too

  • Alizabeth 11 years ago Reply

    I totally love the Miu Miu Small Matelasse Top Handle Tote. The purple color is just so vibrant and it looks roomy yet not too big!

  • Beckie 11 years ago Reply

    Due to schlepping my keeping-up-with-the-trends 30 pound oversized handbag, I am now oversize-handbag disabled. This Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Roxbury Drive clutch would reduce the load on my shoulder while keeping my style on trend.
    Thanks for hosting a fabulous giveaway and happy anniversary to Avelle.

  • Stacy Z 11 years ago Reply

    I’m in love with how classic and spacious this bag is!

  • Nicole 11 years ago Reply

    I love number 3, the Gucci ‘Hysteria’ Large Top Handle Tote. Pick me!

  • Danielle 11 years ago Reply

    My favorite handbag is the Furla ‘Lily’ Handbag!!! I love it! It is the perfect shape and I love the color for the spring and summertime!

  • Jennifer Fitzgibbons 11 years ago Reply

    Favorite Avelle Picks:
    Fav Purse: Betsey Johnson ‘Ms. Mod’ N/S Tote in Black, SKU# 12421 (I would use this purse with a short black mini dress and it would look FAB! I have wanted this particular purse forever! Betsey Johnson is my favorite designer ever and I love how there is a big striped tie cinched around this purse. It is to die for! If I win, this will be my first purchase for sure!)
    Fav Jewelry: Betsey Johnson Long Multi Strand Bow Necklace & Bow Earrings, SKU #14831
    Fav Sunglasses: Chanel Metal Aviator Sunglasses, SKU# 16122
    Fav Watch: Toy Watch Azalea White Tatoo Watch, SKU #17010

  • Wendy 11 years ago Reply

    My picks: (so many!)
    Cynthia Rowley ‘Angie’ Tote
    Miu Miu Matelasse Top Handle Tote
    Balenciaga ‘Work’ Handbag
    Marc Jacobs Vintage Snakeskin & Leather Satchel
    Elliott Lucca ‘Etoile’ Large Satchel Handbag
    Be&D Garbo in Black

  • Stephen 11 years ago Reply

    As I guy I usually don’t carry a bag, but if my wife was entering she would select a classic looking Chanel shopping bag.

  • julieh 11 years ago Reply

    Chanel quilted tote.

  • Joan 11 years ago Reply

    Wow, it’s so hard to choose but I love the Prada Nappa Ruffled Tote! It’s so beautiful and delicate. Just dreaming about renting it for a whole month is making me drool…

  • Kathy Scott 11 years ago Reply

    Hermes Vintage Croc Kelly handbag is very nice.

  • Debra F 11 years ago Reply

    I love the Betsey Johnson ‘Take a Bow’ N/S Frame Handbag! This would be a perfect bag for work. It is so cute and it would go well with much of my wardrobe. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Marianna 11 years ago Reply

    I love the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Sunset Boulevard Evening Handbag. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Louis-Vuitton/Louis-Vuitton-Monogram-Vernis-Sunset-Boulevard-Evening-Handbag/13507/43/131
    I think it is gorgeous and I’d look great carrying it for a night out with my hubby!

  • Jen 11 years ago Reply

    Chanel Vintage Classic 2.55 Quilted Bag!

  • Robin 11 years ago Reply

    Bag #6! Thanks for the chance.

  • Jill 11 years ago Reply

    I would steal instead of borrow the Lockheart ‘Gwen’ Tote

  • ktanjatk 11 years ago Reply

    Fendi Secret Code Handbag (SKU# 15605) is a gem!
    I love Fendi, I love bold and bright colors (good that they are in), so this would be my pick 🙂
    Of course there is a waiting list for this one 🙁

  • Gloria S 11 years ago Reply

    I like the Kelly handbag

  • Veronica L. 11 years ago Reply

    I absolutely love the look of the Vintage Hermes. Very smart and professional looking! Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  • Lindsay 11 years ago Reply

    I love the simplicity of the kate spade ‘Kent’ Stevie Handbag

  • kim v 11 years ago Reply

    I would rent the Gucci ‘Joy’ Large Hobo Handbag
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • linda s 11 years ago Reply

    charm and luck Florence large tote.
    funky and fun

  • Suzanne 11 years ago Reply

    I just like the sleek look and the hardware accents. I would be so stoked to carry this bag.
    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  • alexis 11 years ago Reply

    for sure the prada tote

  • wendy wallach 11 years ago Reply

    I would be most inclined to rent the black quilted chanel bag because in real life, they don’t even let me into the chanel store!:)
    madamerkf at aol dot com

  • Isaac A. 11 years ago Reply

    6. Dallas Vintage Telephone Bag

  • Lisa Taylor 11 years ago Reply

    I would love to rent the Dallas Vintage Telephone Shoulder Bag

  • Gabriel J. 11 years ago Reply

    I like the Gucci Suede Evening Handbag.

  • Miranda Allen 11 years ago Reply

    the Chanel Large Tote

  • Amanda U. 11 years ago Reply

    I like the Donald J Pliner ‘Ariele’ Large Pouch Handbag, because it’s roomy and goes with everything!

  • Deb K 11 years ago Reply

    I love the MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Beverly’ Lg Drawstring Satchel Handbag

  • Kat 11 years ago Reply

    I really like the Rafe New York Crackle Leather ‘Reese’ Medium Shoulder Handbag and would love to borrow it. I like it because it seems pretty versatile, like you could wear it with cute jeans or a little black dress. I love the bold pink color it comes in. Thanks!

  • jennifer barr 11 years ago Reply

    6 is really cute, although i think i like 3 the best 🙂

  • CaseyDeuce 11 years ago Reply

    ‘Luxe’ Metallic Flap Handbag
    would be what I would get! I’d get it in time to bring with me to BlogHer so I’d look HOT!

  • Jen 11 years ago Reply

    Clearly the Kelly, the better to shield my face from hordes of paparazzi, ma chere.

  • Ann 11 years ago Reply

    I like the Tory Burch Jill Satchel bag for a fun summer bag!

  • Lorie Shewbridge 11 years ago Reply

    I absolutly adore the Dallas Vintage Telephone Shoulder Bag, it is soooo cute. I wear a lot of funky clothes and think this would just go perfect with any outfit I have. Plus it would be a great conversation piece and I could tell them about where I found it and mention your blob!!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • cathy king 11 years ago Reply

    chanel’s large shopping tote is lovely.

  • Deidra J 11 years ago Reply

    Hello! io was just browsing at Avelle and noticed that fabulous Miu Miu Small Matelasse Top Handle Tote! I can’t afford to rent it right now, so I ran across your post on Twitter and was floored to see it right here. The bag is just striking. Its luxurious, classy, and different. I’m in love!

  • Deidra J 11 years ago Reply

    geez. I forgot my e-mail address. Its [email protected]. Thanks!!

  • amyD 11 years ago Reply

    I would love the GUCCI Hysteria it is beautiful!!!!WHy?why not!

  • Suanne Giddings 11 years ago Reply

    I have been diagnosed with bag boredom! I would love to make every day a little special with the decadently delightful Prada Striped Nappa Hobo Handbag. It would complete my look with so many of my outfits and make even the most basic outfit look hip and chic. Thank you for the opportunity to win the use of a perfect around town companion!

  • Helen 11 years ago Reply

    I’ve got my eye on the Botkier ‘Vixen’ Satchel Handbag.

  • Donna K 11 years ago Reply

    I like Miu Miu Small Matelasse Top Handle Tote

  • jennifer evans 11 years ago Reply

    I would rent the miu miu because it looks like me.

  • Rozz 11 years ago Reply

    The Miu Miu Small Matelasse top handle tote would be stylish for dress up days and going on errands.

  • Sophisticated Diva 10 years ago Reply

    I don’t understand the whole purpose of this site. Only a woman with no financial sense would rent a designer handbag. Smart women own their designer clothes and bags. This is for people who truly must be struggling artist trying to fake a lifestyle that they do not have.

  • pofo 10 years ago Reply

    Wow. great info!!!

  • Cynthia G 7 years ago Reply

    I would rent #1 the classic vintage Chanel bag because it will match everything and I only carry purses that have long straps to go over my shoulder which makes it easier to not lose a purse or get it snatched.

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