karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld And The Celebrities Who Wore Him

“Chic is a kind of mayonnaise, either it tastes, or it doesn’t.” Yes, that was the iconic Karl Lagerfeld – the sort of man who wore monochrome black and white to every major event, but also said sweatpants “are a sign of defeat.” The legendary designer of Chanel and Fendi among other labels, including one …

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Style For The Next Generation: Modern Heirlooms

We’ve all heard of the concept and perhaps some of us are lucky enough to own some heirloom pieces – usually jewelry, sometimes a fur, maybe a designer handbag or scarf. However, these items tend to be fairly traditional or even dated – classic doesn’t always mean it will last forever. That said, personal style will continue to be your hallmark, so consider whether or not something can become a “modern heirloom” before you invest in a noteworthy piece. Here are some tips when looking for modern heirlooms.

Hot Accessory Trend Alert: Reapproach The Silk Floral Brooch

Remember when Carrie wore silk flower pins on Sex And The City and you had to have one – or several? Well hopefully you kept them, because according to Gucci (who we look to lately for fashion inspiration as they are back on track since Alessandro Michele took over of the helm this past year), silk floral pins are the must have trend of the season. Florals are everywhere this season and even on Gucci handbags (you kinda want one too, right?). So leave it to the trendsetting brand to bring the floral brooch back. It wasn’t old-ladyish when Carrie wore it in the 90’s and it doesn’t have to be now either.

Chain Of Command – Chain Link Bags

Good Lord. It is so hard to keep up with all the handbag trends this season, but one that is back in a BIG way is an oldie, but a goodie: the chain link bag. If you already have a Chanel bag you are in luck. If you don’t and can’t quite afford one or want to spend the money, or if you are just looking to add another to your chain posse, there are some phenomenal options at virtually every price point.

Ode to Haute Couture: La Viellle Garde

Ah – it’s that time of year again when fashionphiles like myself turn to Paris for our biannual dose of Haute Couture. Here we will see the collections of the most visionary of womenswear designers, which will undoubtedly influence ready-to-wear designers in the creation of their next spring collections to be shown in the fall. …

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