This Summer Everybody Must Get Stoned (Jewelry)

This summer if you want to rock the hottest jewelry trend you literally have to get rocks. Raw stones are this summer’s statement jewelry. From sculptured druzy to sliced geodes these earthy elements add drama that’s all glam and not the least bit crunchy. Look for pieces that resonate with you. You can find pieces in every price range. In fact, I spent a lot of time on Etsy finding some beauties for under $50. So rock out this summer! Take a look at just some of the jewelry I found.

Surrey With The Fringe On Top: Fringe Jewelry

When the famous fashion journalist Diana Vreeland said “I adore fringe,” she was as usual correct. Who doesn’t love fringe? Fringe is a trend that has lived more than a few seasons (mostly on shoes and bags) and now it has infiltrated jewelry for summer ’16. Fringe and tasseled jewelry is the trim of the moment so be sure to load up for summer. Swing into style with tufted earrings, bracelets, collars and pendants. It’s all about the fringe factor, but make sure to wear only one fringe item at a time or you will look clownish. As you can see from the finds below, each piece makes a statement on its own.

Celebrity Style: 4 Pregnant Celebs Who Get Maternity Style Right

Truth be told, I’m having a difficult pregnancy. I had morning sickness throughout the first few months. By the 5th month I was waking up every night. I had leg cramps, swollen feet, muscle and nerve pains, brown spots on my face and stretch marks. In the third trimester, I had to go to the emergency room for an IV and dehydration when I came down with a severe stomach virus. I haven’t had the appetite that every pregnancy woman dreams of, but I have put on weight regardless.

I am 36 weeks! (Starting my 9th month) wearing H&M blouse (not maternity), ASOS Maternity Leggings, Havaianas flip flops (because they’re the only shoes that fit my swollen feet right now!)

One of the best things about this pregnancy, besides the fact that my baby girl has been safe and growing throughout all the scares, was the chance to embrace my pregnancy belly with maternity fashion.