Outstanding Anti-aging Advice From 40 Women

I know a LOT about anti-aging but I don’t profess to know everything!  So I reached out to my friends on Facebook and other places and asked them to share their favorite anti-aging tip. They didn’t just have to be beauty tips either. I wanted any type of anti-aging advice whether it had to do with fashion, mind, diet or whatever keeps them looking and feeling younger. Yes, quite a few said drink lots of water and sunscreen, but there are some other gems and pearls of wisdom too.

So if you are looking for anti-aging tips (that you didn’t already find from our site) read on. Here are 40 tips to help you look and feel younger. You will note that some of the names are linked. Click on the links and they will bring you to the sites and blogs of some of my friends. Please click over and show them some love. You never know, you may find another new favorite site to add to your daily reading.


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1. Surround yourself with good people, stress less, more laughter get out into nature. So basically set up a good daily routine. I learned it from growing up, being outdoors active all year round & from studying Ayurveda.  –Colleen

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Always moisturize your skin and drink water. If you don’t think you need to moisturize, you do. Wash, rinse, moisturize, drink. Your skin will thank you by being brighter, cleaner, and moisturized.  –Darci

3. Yoga has changed so many lives in so many positive ways. Being strong, listening to our body and truly taking time for oneself makes us much better individuals in listening, loving and simply being. It’s not about being the smartest, smallest, thinnest, etc., it’s true that being the best self you can be is the key! This practice can transform you in mind, body, soul.  –Jodi

4. Drink tons of water, get a good night’s sleep, and smoke a lot of pot.  –Hallie

5. Vaseline! My grandma has been slathering her face in this for over 60 years and she easily looks 20 years  younger than she is. I’ve been doing it for about a year now and my face has made exponential improvements.  –Heather

6. For years I have used high quality resveratrol and am a big believer in it to keep one looking younger. Inside and out!  –Sophia

7. Have the number of a good plastic surgeon! –Janet

8. My mother told me when I was a tween to never tan my face because it caused wrinkles and sunspots. I have to say that I am so thankful she did because at 40 I think I am pretty young looking for my age. Sun is a killer. I tell my daughter the same thing now! Vera

9. Sunscreen.  –Dana

10. “Always treat your neck the same way you treat your face” a friend’s grandmother.  –Elise

11. Surround yourself with optimistic people, eat seasonally and supplement with what you may be missing in your diet. –Donna

12. Stay out of the sun and stop giving people stink eye – seems they both give you wrinkles.  –Samantha

13. Drink your skincare (collagen). I drink my youth from the inside out. I am literally Benjamin Button!  Erin

14. Always wear sunscreen.  Kristen

15. There was an older lady (I think she was in her mid 60’s) who worked with my husband. She had the most beautiful skin…it was always smooth and glowing. I asked her one time how she kept it looking so young and she said, “Honey, fat don’t wrinkle!” It absolutely cracked me up and it may not be the best advice, but I have never, ever forgotten it!!  –Beth

16. Water all day. Exercise at least three times a week. Find joy in each day.  –Anthony (Wait, how did a guy get in here?)

17. Don’t dress like your teenage daughter.  Karen

18. Applying concealer to the inner corner of your eye where it reaches your nose and then sweeping it just under your lash line, will instantly give your eyes a youthful appearance!  Melissa

19. My grandmother told me from a young age to never sleep with makeup on. So even if I’m dog tired I remove it every single night.  Judy

20. Love yourself by taking care of yourself first. Self-care is not selfish. You cannot pour from an empty cup. And this means Mind, Body and Spirit!  –Laurie

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21. Dress for your changing body, but stay away from Chico’s!  –Lynn

22. Don’t act your age! I still act 17 and it has been working for me for the past 30 years! Nobody believes how old I am.  –Megan

23. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s aging.  –Annie

24. Make sure you get a bra fitting every few years or after a big life change. Your foundation is important if you want your clothes to fit properly.  –Martha

25. Dress Younger! This can be tricky because you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard. My tip is to shop at places like Topshop and ASOS for a few trendy pieces, but go for looks the teens and 20-somethings will never buy. They often leave these items behind, so there is usually plenty of inventory. This includes the more conservative and covered up items like loose fitting blouses, long skirts, jeans without holes, high necklines, long sleeves and oversize jackets. And then only wear one Junior’s Department piece at a time.  –Carol

26. Get chemicals out of your life!  –Ashley

27. Start contouring, it will help balance out your face, but don’t overdo it or you will look ridiculous.  –Ashley

28. I sang outreach concerts at retirement facilities three summers in a row in my mid-20s. I’ll never forget stepping into an elevator after one particular concert with a woman who complemented me, not on my music, but on my skin. She then said, “Whatever you do, don’t forget your neck! I put cream on my neck every day and I look so much younger than these other ladies.” I chuckled about it at the time. But, I really wish I would have taken her more seriously. Twenty years later, my neck is giving my age away.  –Melanie

29. Mediate. I know it sounds ridiculous and you may think you don’t have time, but taking some time to clear your head, you will be more relaxed and by being more relaxed you look younger.  –Brenda

30. Water and sunscreen. Drink tons of water and always wear sunscreen. I don’t know if there’s anything better you can do for your health, skin, or longevity in general than those two things.  –Angie

31. Get your beauty sleep. Try to get at least 7 (preferably 8) hours a sleep a night. It gives your body the proper amount of time to repair itself. Besides, dark circles under your eyes make you look old.  –Lauren P.

32. Update your hairstyle at least once a decade. –Patty

33. Whiten your teeth. Nothing makes you look younger than a bright, white smile! Oh and smile. It adds a sparkle to your eyes.  –Donna

34. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Seriously. Stress is the worst thing for your health and your body. Ever notice totally stressed out people don’t age well?  –Ashlyn

35. Don’t drink too much alcohol. My mother always told me to drink a glass of water for every drink you have.  –Julie

36. Don’t wear shapeless clothes. They will make you look frumpy and frumpy is aging. –Allison

37. Laugh! I’ve been told when you laugh, it increases the blood flow around the face, making you look younger and healthier. Plus, a good laugh (until you cry) improves physical as well as emotional health.  –Bryn

38. I’ve been meditating for 15 minutes a day because I believe it makes me look younger. Ever since I started doing it regularly I have had people comment I look better.  –Kathy

39. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and be mindful of gut health. I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel since I started being mindful of my body when I eat. – –Patrice (I actually did a post on this called Aging Backwards: The Anti-inflammatory Diet)

40. Sleep on a silk charmeuse pillowcase! Unlike cotton or linen, silk charmeuse, (aka silk satin) allows skin to glide, not drag, across the pillow as you turn in your sleep.  You’ll wake up with less sleep lines, and less permanent wrinkle damage to your skin.  DO NOT use polyester satin, it MUST be silk. Added bonus: Silk satin will keep you hair style nicer longer too!  –Candice

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Do you have any sage advice you’d like to add? Would love to hear! Please leave your comment below. Before you leave, why not read this post I wrote a while back: The 10 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look 10 Years Older? Just in case. Or 10 Beauty Tips To Help You Look Younger Immediately!

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