An Honest Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

sally hansen miracle gel   I have been hearing a lot of talk about Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel. I wasn’t really thinking about it until I was at Target a couple of weeks ago and saw a color that caught my eye. Of course it was a light, whitish pink (Creme de la Creme) because that’s what I always go for! So I snatched it up without a second thought and tossed it into my cart. After having spent $7.99 , I did not realize you needed a clear top gel to seal it as mine was not sold in a pair/started kit. Nor do I even remember seeing a starter kit come to think of it. I was so excited to test it out and it was going to have to wait until I was able to get to a drugstore and purchase the Miracle Gel Top Coat. Ack. Good luck with that! I literally stopped at 2 Rite Aids, 1 CVS, 1 Duane Reade and an Ulta (I’m not kidding) over the course of the following week and came out empty handed. Nobody had the freaking top coat and I was getting beyond frustrated. Eventually I placed an order at, which I now realize I should have done in the first place. Yet how was I to know it would be mission impossible? sally hansen miracle gel I love getting CND Shellac manicures, but since my nails are so thin to begin with, I only do them about 6-8 times per year and mainly during Fashion Week or when I’m traveling and don’t want to think about my nails. I have enjoyed up to three weeks with one shellac manicure, but hell, if I could do one at home myself – easily, I would be more than happy to add it into my rotation. At any rate, as soon as my delivery arrived, I was eager to try it. I proceeded to remove my nailpolish and get ready for 2 weeks of no fuss no muss nails. I normally wear a nail strengthening base coat, but as with any gel or shellac manicure, it is not recommended with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel so the two coats of color can adhere. Usually this is not a problem for me with salon shellac manicures so I didn’t think twice about it. The polish is fairly thick and my first coat was very streaky, but I figured the second coat would rectify the problem. It didn’t. My thumb nails were particularly bad. I also made sure to wrap my nails with some of the color to protect them from tip wear. I waited a few minutes between coats and again before applying the top coat which does not require a UV light to cure.
sally hansen miracle gel and top coat
It took forever, but I finally have the two steps!
The top coat was so thick it actually dragged a bit on my color and caused it to streak a little more. Not good. However, it did dry fairly quickly. I was using my hands within 10 minutes without incident. Yet the streaks were really bugging me. According to the website, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel requires only two steps and “Up to 14 days of Color & Shine,” yet mine started chipping the next day! I also noticed the shine of the top coat was beginning to dull. I had not done anything out of the ordinary (like a ton of dishes or cooking) and my nails looked like hell.  In fact, I couldn’t stand looking at them any longer and removed it less than 24 hours later.
Sally Hansen Miracle gel one day later
The sad results.
So for my experience I give Sally Hansen Miracle Gel a big, fat goose egg. Has anyone else tried it with better results? If so I’d love to hear from you. If you were planning to try it, save your money and apply it towards your next salon gel or shellac manicure (I recommend CND Shellac as it’s not as harsh on your nails as gel) . Sadly, in my gut I knew it sounded too good to be true. Sorta like that wet-to-dry flat iron I tried years ago, but that damages was a little more traumatic. – Lauren Dimet Waters Disclosure: I was not given samples and bought these products myself. I always give an honest review, but if I am sent a sample of a product I don’t care for, I usually just don’t review or write about it.  

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  1. Sorry for your experience. I think you don’t apply it correctly. I have been using it for over a year and it is a very good product. I use an undercoat (Vitry protector) 2 coats of Miracle Gel and then, the top coat. I wait an hour between each coat except for the top coat. Always apply it the next day. After 6 days I remove it, not because it is chipped, but because I want to wear another color for the next week! And I do a lot of cooking and cleaning. Even men co workers notice my nails! Imagine that!


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