Project Runway: Season 13, Episode 12: Fashion Week: Who's In, Who's Out & Who's A Sore Loser

Project Runway 13-ep12 Designers
How are they going to top the Project Runway episode last week? They aren’t so I’m going to keep this short and sweet (who am I kidding?). Since Korina de Vil is gone, everyone is BFF’s. Anywho Tim wakes the five remaining designers at the ass-crack of dawn, to get them up on the roof of their living quarters so he can push them off. Kidding. There they are introduced to Brian Bolain, Corporate Marketing Manager for Lexus, who tells the designers with Tim that their last challenge before New York Fashion Week is to design a “street chic” look inspired by the streets of New York City. That means they must be wearable, fashionable and a bit out there… as in they need to take risks. The designers have two days and $200 for this challenge. Oh and a camera to snap street inspiration and a ride in the new Lexus models for a vomit-inducing amount of product placement.
I forget what each designer takes pictures of and don’t really care nor can I remember their trip to Mood. What I do care about is the conversation they have over dinner about what an asshat Korina is and how she will be remembered for being the sorest loser in the history of Project Runway.
The next day, they enter the workroom to see 5 mannequins of the 5 last losing looks – the ones that got the last 5 designers kicked to the curb. In walks Tim with his button bag and you know what’s going down. They have to create a new look from one of these losing looks and it doesn’t have to be cohesive with their streetwear look. Good thing because there is no way Sanyha’s pink Teletubby romper is ever looking street chic. Not even in Wonka World. Now THIS is interesting. Emily is first and takes Samantha’s boring blue gown from the jewelry challenge. In a fun F’ You Char picks Korina’s claiming it has the most fabric. Amanda picks her buddy Fade’s “Rainway” failure. Kini takes Mitchell’s red carpet red dress. Sean gets stuck with Sandhya’s hot pink American Girl jumpsuit. They go to Mood again where they have $100 to spend.
In another bad twist of fate, back in the workroom Tim tells the designers they will have help…and it’s the designers who created these 5 losing looks. Yep, Char has to work with Korina. For some reason Korina doesn’t seem to blame the judges for her ousting, but she blames Char. So in her characteristic bad sportsmanship way, Korina tells Tim she’s still too upset to be there and the pain is still too raw. Her body language is screaming at Tim and anyone with eyes, “Get me out of here NOW or I’m taking you all out!” Wisely he lets her go and Alexander is brought back to help Char.
Project Runway 13-ep12 Judges
On to the runway! The guest judge is…yes, another actress! Shoot me now. Shay Mitchell from “Pretty Little Liars” who surprisingly was not one bit hesitant to offer up her thoughts and commentary. All designers are critiqued and I can’t remember in which order so let’s do this!
Project Runway 13-ep12 Kini
Kini – His denim trenchcoat is a hit with the judges (it had perfect pockets!), but they don’t care for his overworked top and skirt underneath. I agree. His skirt and top actually looked much better back in the workroom before he went overboard. His reworked one-sleeved red gown was the exact opposite. It was well-edited and gorgeous! He’s on to Fashion Week!
Project Runway 13-ep12 Sean
Sean – Nina states Sean’s crisp white top and skirt he creates for his street wear look was one of the best she has ever seen on Project Runway! It is truly stunning and looks more high fashion than street fashion. Especially when you consider until Tim gave him his critique he was going in the wrong direction. Thankfully he listens and is able to consistently churn out some stellar looks. Conversely, his pink cowgirl jacket with shorts and a dizzying amount of fringe is awful, but forgiven. He’s in!
Project Runway 13-ep12 Amanda
Amanda – The judges all go nuts over her color-blocked boho street wear gown which screams Amanda. Nina hates her styling though (I agree). It’s odd she screws that part up considering she styles herself so well. Her redo look is less successful and Heidi calls it “borderline nightclub hostess” and not very Amanda. No duh, it’s Fade’s. However, she’s going to Fashion Week!
Project Runway 13-ep12 Emily
Emily – The hoodie she was so desperate to make was just meh. The patterned matching top and leggings underneath are hideous. Zac says it’s more homeless chic than street chic. Ouch. It is her redo which is her undoing. It didn’t look like her at all and she knew it was too commercial too. It’s the end of the road for Emily. Too bad.
Project Runway 13-ep12 Char
Char – Both of Char’s looks underwhelm the judges. Oddly they pussyfoot around her critique and I’m confused…maybe they heard about Korina’s outburst and felt badly for her? Who cares? She’s coming back for Fashion Week!
Memorable Quotes
“There are so few of you!” – Tim Gunn
“Two Day Challenge..Two day challenge…” – Char sings the chant
“Why are they here?” – Remaining Designers
“And you have a bag with you!” – Char
“I do not want this little baby jumper” – Char
“As soon as Korina walks in it’s like a black cloud.” – Char
“Thank you for picking mine.” – Sandhya
“It was the last one!” – Sean
“Good Heavens!” – Tim
“Can I toss something horrible into this?” – Tim
“Work work work work, actually, Think think think think think…” – Tim
“I’m developing an ulcer as we speak…” – Amanda
“Its a borderline .. like a pajama” – Heidi
The hoodie looks homeless – I’m sorry” – Zac
“It looks a little like a Cirque du Soleil costume.” – Nina
“To me it’s like borderline nightclub hostess” – Heidi
“It’s almost like a moo moo but it’s still sexy.” – Heidi
“I mean what is going on here? It is fantastic!” – Heidi
“It was silly before and it is silly now.” – Heidi
“The pink look looks like a Flamenco princess.” – Zac
“I have chills just looking at it.” – Tim
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
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