A Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting To Happen : Nicolas Andreas Taralis

Picnik collage 

With so many starlets trying to avoid an ever-embarrassing nipple slip it was shocking to see the pieces that Nicolas Andreas Taralis sent down the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Most of the pieces that the female models wore, either completely exposed their chests through sheer shirts or just covered by hair, while some models wore items that with every move they were on the verge of exposing themselves. 

Taralis's line was a very gothic-romantic collection that he carried out beautifully, topless models or not. 

Some might say this line was acceptable in Europe where no one takes a second glance at topless beaches, but would this look ever make it to New York's catwalks? 

 -Kat Bremhorst

Photo Source: style.com

1 thought on “A Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting To Happen : Nicolas Andreas Taralis”

  1. you have such a skewed view on what fashion is.. not to mention that there were plenty of sheer or “exposing” tops this season in NYFW.
    do your research.


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