A New Site Lets You be the Designer: Yours Not Hers (YNH)

Have you ever wanted to create a piece that a) is your own design, b) will be the perfect staple for your personal closet and c) you are confident no one else will have? Well, now a site lets you do just that! Yours Not Hers Inc. (YNH) launches this month allowing women to create their own blouses via the convenience of the web.
Women will be able to select the silhouette, color, and trims of their blouse to create a look that represents their personal style. Colors range from a basic black to a show stopping coral or olive. Shoppers are transformed into designers at the second step when you can pick your trim such as zippers, lace, and decorative buttons. YNH is the perfect place for semi-customizable clothing!
Jeannine Benoit, Owner and Designer of YNH is a fashion editor right here at Second City Style (so we trust that she knows a thing or two about fashion!). Benoit has stated that new styles, trims, and colors will be added to the site continually offering a variety of customizable options for all types of women. We can’t wait!
Check out YNH in the press by clicking here!
Start customizing at YNH by clicking here!
-Whitney Mash

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