A Great Denim Experience At G-Star Raw Chicago

G-Star Raw Jeans. I loved each pair I tried on!
Everyone wants a great pair of jeans but finding the right pair is not always an easy task. The experience can be almost as devastating as trying on swimwear. However, I am excited to share my experience at G-Star Raw, because not only did I find a pair of jeans that were just what I was searching for, but I also found 3 more pairs that I loved! I met G-Star Style Expert, Michele Horner at G-Star Raw in Chicago last week last week to find out more about the brand and try on the jeans. I was familiar with G-Star from their shows at New York Fashion Week, and had visions of cool tall models in worn out jeans and jackets with cutting-edge styling. Michele was wearing a really great jacket and a perfect-fitting pair of jeans. She showed me the crisp new pieces for spring. The detailing was incredible. She told me more about the brand. Headquartered in Amsterdam, G-Star Raw is a global denim brand over 20 years old, as well as a denim innovator popularizing raw, untreated denim as well as creating 3-D denim, tailoring denim to better fit the human body shape. G-star is known for its style, consistent research work, eye for detail and elaborate treatment techniques. Their distinctive design signature adds luxury to the raw character of denim.
G-Star Style Expert, Michele Horner and G-Star Denim Expert, Shayni Rae looking smashing in G-Star apparel
Michele introduced me to G-Star Denim Expert, Shayni Rae who showed me the details of their jeans. She showed me how the waistbands are tapered, some in which have button tabs for better fit. There are also styles in which the rise is higher in the back as well as those which have tiny darts around the knees with curved seams set towards the front. I saw all kinds of good architectural construction that I just knew would fit and flatter everyone! G-Star believes that clothing should not be 2-dimensional and it should be sculpted to fit a 3-dimensional body. Some of the fabrics have a little bit of extra stretch for comfort, and the worn denim effects were perfectly placed. The Chicago store is the only G-Star Store in the Midwest so we are lucky to have this luxury! At each of the stores nationwide, they have lengths in 30, 32 and 34. This was great news for me, since I usually need to hem my pants…about 2 inches! For tall women, they told me many of the styles run long and will work for them.  The arc pant is an even more intricately constructed design with an architectural cut combined with a low-crotch and straight-hip with an asymmetric tapered leg that turns and sort of twists around your legs. I had seen these bow-legged jeans before and was anxious to try them on.
G-Star Midge Dover Straight Leg
G-Star Midge Cody Skinny Leg
G-Star Raw Arc Loose Tapered
I was on the look-out for what I would call a long “boyfriend” jean. I also was in the market for a basic straight leg jean. Shayni set me up with several styles of jeans in my regular size (note: these jeans run true to size) but knew that the 30 inch length would work best for me. The first pair of jeans I tried on were the Dover Straight Leg jeans. This pair looked good … and were stretchy! I said “OK – I found a pair! I’ll take them!” but I wanted to try more. Next I tried on Midge Cody Skinny Leg jeans in black. These were even more flattering! Hmm, I thought, “Let’s hold these, too.” Next I wanted to try the black coated jeans that Shayni was wearing. These looked cool, too! But I still needed to try the Arc Loose Tapered fit since they were not like anything else I own. We started with a bigger size and rolled the cuff, but what worked best for me was a smaller size and not rolling the cuff at all! Shayni and Michele styled me with a jacket (like Michele was wearing) and high heeled sandals. “Round toe shoes are a must with this style,” Shayni told me, “with a longer top over the hips.” The last thing I need to mention is how comfortable each pair felt! I was really in a quandary over which pair I liked best. I went with the Arc Loose Tapered fit, since they would add a new dimension (no pun intended) to my wardrobe.
My G-Star Raw Arc Loose Tapered Fit Jeans
Visit G-Star Raw online Read more about G-Star in my Outfit of the Day post. Shop in Chicago: G-Star Raw | 1525 N Milwaukee Ave., |  Chicago, IL 60622 |  773-342-2623 —Carol Calacci FTC Disclosure: Product received for review.

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