The Carrie Diaries: What This Means For the Sex and the City Fashion Obsessed

Many of us have dedicated way too much time in our lives to Sex and the City. We’ve deemed ourselves a “Carrie” when we were being insightful or maybe a “Charlotte” when we were feeling classy. We’ve used the episodes as a reference guide for relationships. Almost the most important, we’ve used SATC as a fashion beacon.
Carrie Bradshaw has become a name synonymous with fashion. Pricey shoes, eclectic outfits, mixing high end and low end, monogram necklaces–it all can be traced back to inspiration from Carrie.
After the television show ended, the SATC lovers welcomed the idea of a movie with open arms. Women dressed up for the premieres, oohed and ahhed over the outfits, and cried when Big and Carrie finally ended up together. Then, the second SATC movie came out. Fans were skeptical, but they saw the movie eventually, oohed and ahhed over the outfits, and breathed a sigh of relief when, once again, Carrie and Big ended up permanently together.
Well, now there’s more Sex and the City. Almost.
The Carrie Diaries is the prequel to Carrie Bradshaw’s life in SATC. There has been rumor of this show, and now it’s finally happening.

Eighteen year old, AnnaSophia Robb, has been cast as the role of young Bradshaw. We could debate for days on whether or not she’s worthy of the role, whether she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker, and on and on. We’re going to bypass that, and talk about the important stuff.
What does this mean for Carrie Bradshaw the fashion icon?
Eric Damen, the costume designer from Gossip Girl, has been appointed as the costume designer for this show. We’ve all gushed over Gossip Girl’s fashions, so we should love him to dress our young style icon, right? Possibly not.
Damen knows his stuff, but does he know Carrie’s? The key to dressing young Carrie won’t be about the most expensive and exclusive brands; it’s going to be what would Carrie wear appropriate to the times/her age/her budget. Damen got really lax on Gossip Girl with the authenticity of costumes, and that’s what I fear will happen with this show as well.
This show is obviously veering towards a younger genre, but what the producers need to realize is they’ve got some baggage, and it’s in the form of the original SATC fans. We’ll be watching every hemline, every accessory, every scrunchie knowing if it’s really what young Carrie would have wanted.
I wish this show the best of luck, and a piece of advice for Eric Damen – Remember who Carrie Bradshaw is, and consider yourself lucky that you get to be the one dressing her.
– Kat Bremhorst
Photos/Source: Fashionista, nytimes

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