12 Unugly Winter Boot Styles Fit For Any Fashionista

I live in NY and I love shoes. I mean I can buy shoes, boots and booties all day long. I’m really good at it. My husband can tell you my closet looks like a shoe store. Yet when it comes to buying a pair of winter boots I just can’t pull the trigger. Why? Because they are ugly and I like attractive footwear. I want winter boot styles fit for a fashionista. So for the past several years I have just avoided (more like ignored the snow drifts) and have literally buried my head in the snow and bowed out. Well this winter my stubbornness is catching up to me. My feet are cold.

I have some rain boots that could work, but they do not keep my feet warm. I have a pair of Uggs but they were expressly meant for dog walking and my dog died 1.5 years ago. Yes, they are warm, but if they get the slightest bit wet they are cold and useless. Besides, I think Uggs are hideous. They are not a fashion statement. Additionally they have an inadequate tread so while I was walking my dog 3 winters a go I slipped on ice and broke a finger. Clearly I hate them now.

Several years ago Sorel very kindly sent me a pair of their “Joan of Arctic” boots but at the time I was living in the city, not the tundra, and they were taking up too much of my limited closet space. So I sent them to a dear friend who wears my size and lives in Vail. Now I sorta want them back, but I think it would be rude to ask her and I drive a car, not a big rig.


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So I am once again on the hunt for a pair of warm winter boots that have a satisfactory tread, will keep my feet toasty and dry and won’t burn my retinas every time I look at them. I would prefer them to be black but that’s not to say I won’t consider grey or brown…I just have to like them enough to actually keep them (buried in my closet). I have bought and returned a few pairs over the years. So let’s shop, shall we?

winter boots To consider


Now that the snow is melting I will probably not need them again this winter, but I’ll be ready for next year!


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