The 5 Fashion Risks You Should Take In 2018

At the start of every new year, we like to assess the previous year and more importantly, plan ahead for the next one. And one thing we definitely want to do in 2018 is take more risks with our wardrobe! Let’s admit it – life is short, fashion can be somewhat frivolous, and so why not have fun with it? Here are the 5 fashion risks you should take in 2018.

1. Switch Up Silhouettes

Play outfit opposite day and change things up. Do you normally wear flowy tops and skinny jeans? Try an a-line skirt or flared pants. Always in heels? Do flats for a change. Only wear white or yellow toned metal? Try out the other one. Sometimes putting on the things that you think are the least flattering can be a revelation (or you’ll learn that you’ve been right all along – either way it’s worth the risk in our opinion! Need some inspiration? These black flares from Banana Republic are a steal and might make you remember how fabulous you felt in your flares back in the day.

2. Wear A New Color

We’re not talking about giving up our beloved black or gray, but rather choosing to step outside of our comfort zone with a bold new shade. Ask your most artistic or design-minded friend what colors they think you should wear and try something simple like a scarf or top in that shade. Or perhaps try the color of the year – ultra violet and similar shades of deep purple look good on nearly everyone, and a bold patterned scarf is a fun way to ease into the hue.


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3. Be Kind To YOur Feet

Sneakers and other casual flats have been trendy for a while now, but if you can’t give up your heels, maybe you should. Life’s also too short for painful walking and future foot problems! Something like these Steve Madden quilted slip-ons are a compromise if you don’t want to go the full-on sneaker route, and they’re just as comfortable as the shoes you wear to the gym.

4. And YOur Backs

Do you regularly haul way too much stuff around? Do you feel like the stuff your schlepping is hurting you in the long run? Are you like us and have a “purse shoulder” where the side you usually carry your giant tote on is always sore at the end of the day? If any of the above apply to you, consider switching to a backpack or going really minimal and only carrying a wristlet. There are some seriously stylish options nowadays, like the Mansur Gavriel lightweight smooth leather styles.

5. Dress Up More

Be the most glamorous person at the grocery store or in your office! Granted, it might be a little weird to wear a beaded cocktail dress to run errands (although we want to be your friend if you do), but don’t save the special pieces in your closet for a rainy day. Otherwise you may be tired of them before they’re worn out!  Besides, don’t amazing pieces like this Max Mara coat deserve to get seen and enjoyed all the time?

What fashion risks are you thinking of taking in 2018? We’d love to know.

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–Jacqueline Zenn

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