How To Easily Bring Magical Moroccan Style To Your Home

I recently traveled back to Marrakech, Morocco and was again blown away by the beauty, both natural and man made. It is a kingdom of mystery and enchantment. All of your senses are affected by the rich colors everywhere you turn; the cooking spices permeating the air; the scope of textures on every surface from the carved stone to the smooth, cool Tadelakt walls; and then there is the call to prayer. This beautiful, sometimes eerie, chant echos off the walls of the medina washing a calm over an otherwise chaotic environment. I will show you how to bring Moroccan style to your home.

There is a feeling of decadence in Marrakesh that does not come from wealth or status, but privilege to be in this city at this time. As a friend who lives there explained, “you have the feeling that the glamour and lifestyle that exists there can collapse at any moment so you need to grasp all of it you can before it disappears.” It’s a place for dreamers and creative minds where beautiful surprises pop up around every corner. This place is truly exotic.

how to bring Moroccan style to your home interior designer Madeleine Donovan
Madeleine Donovan In Morocco

As tourism becomes more popular, Moroccan design elements have spread across the globe. Large and small vendors tell me about the shops in the US who buy from them and everyone is willing to ship whatever you buy no matter the size. As you walk through the souks you see the craftsmen making the tiles, carving wooden bowls and hand-tooling leather. Customization of every product is possible.


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Some of the things that have become more common design elements are lanterns, ceramic tiles, textiles, such as the Moroccan Wedding Blanket, rugs, and any object using their traditional architectural shapes whether it be a pattern on a fabric, a chair or a bookcase. Rug vendors are everywhere selling endless varieties of patterns of wool, cotton & silk, or you can select a piece made of camel hair which incorporates the Berber alphabet depicting a family name or a story. The possibilities are endless. The colors are created with natural pigments which you can also buy by the gram at the spice market.

You Just Need To Add A Little Moroccan Flair

It only takes a small taste of this exotic spirit to bring this culture into your home. There is no need to curate an entire collection in the Moroccan theme as most of these pieces meld well with almost any style you already have. Incorporate a tile border in your kitchen, or a Moroccan wedding blanket at the foot of your bed to bring a little piece of this mysterious land into your home.

Shop Magical Moroccan Style For your home

Mousharabia Field Tile

Casbah Decor Fes Table – Moroccan Furniture, $650

Emile Henry Flame Tagine, 3.7 qt., now $129.96

Moroccan Wedding Blanket, $340

World Market Extra Large Latika Lantern, $119

Casamidy Almidi (in custom colors)

Moroccan Prestige Leather Pouf, now $275

– Madeleine Donovan

Madeleine is an Interior Designer and founder of Madeleine Donovan Interiors. Visit and on Facebook @mdichicago.

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