You’re Never Too Old For A Touch Of Ruffle

When I was a little girl I sure loved my frilly dresses and the more ruffles and bows, the better. I still love ruffles, but once you reach a certain age – if they are overdone – you can look like you are trying too hard or just plain ridiculous. But do you need to give up ruffles entirely? Must you? No way! The modern way to wear ruffles is to think modern minimalist…as in not too much of the frilly stuff. The contrast of a little ruffle with a minimalist, sleek item of clothing sends my fashion heart aflutter. See? Just because you age does not mean you can’t wear the hot trends, you just have to wear them in moderation and toned down versions. Take a look at these amazing ruffles pieces I found. I want each and every one – not to be worn at the same time of course.
–Lauren Dimet Waters

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