WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 'Sex and the City 2' UK premiere in London

Comment: Of course I had to include the cornerstone of over the top fashion on this most notable of weeks. The 'Sex and the City 2' movie premiered around the globe this week, which meant it was only a matter of time until SJP satisfied our fetish for head-scratching fashion. This dress for the red carpet is actually gorgeous and appropriately cutting edge for a Carrie Bradshaw-esque strut. But of course it wouldn't be right unless the line was completely stepped over, and that's just what this random fireworks display above her head does—turns the look from 'Wow!" to "WTF!"

She's Thinking: I need more than just my Manolos to give me some height!


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Alicia Keys at the Keep A Child Alive Ball in London

Comment: As a usual fan of Alicia Key's choices, it was puzzling to see why she would pick this unusual dress. Its not that its that ugly—besides looking like she walked into a chicken coop covered in honey—but the proportions are so voluminous that it makes her appear three times wider than she actually is. And for a girl with killer curves like hers, she should be showing them off instead of padding them with extra feathers, er, fabric.

She's Thinking: This is why they call me a songbird!

Sarah Silverman at the "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" premiere in New York

Comment: Can someone please explain to me why Sara Silverman insists on always being a slob? Is it part of her shtick, like, being obnoxious and talking crudely? If so, it seems she's abandoned all hope of becoming a likeable person. Her penchant for looking like she rolled out of bed just before making any kind of appearance was enhanced that much more by the fact that she as at an event honoring Joan Rivers! It would have been so much cooler if she had shown up in full on over the top, drag queen mode to pay homage to the gaudy guru.

She's Thinking: I only hit my snooze alarm once so I could be back in bed in ten minutes.

Russel Brand and Katy Perry at the "Get Him To The Greek" premiere in L.A.

Comment: This week's WTF! couple award is just another testament as to why these kooky characters are so perfect for each other. Its a good thing Russel Brand plays the same clueless rock star character in every movie, because that seems to be who he actually is. At least we can applaud his too-tight pants and gold boots as evidence of him no taking himself too seriously. Perry's fresh off the headlines for her light-up shoes and never fails to disappoint. Her aluminum foil dress is like some sort of ridiculous, futuristic marriage of Xena and Wonder Woman.  But….why? We're still asking ourselves the same thing.

They're Thinking: Just think of us as the new Posh and Becks.

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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