9 Of The Worst Fall 2023 Fashion Trends For Women Over 50

Fall is here! It’s an exciting time because now we can actually wear the fashion trends we saw presented on the runways last year. There were some amazing collections and we choose our 9 best fall 2023 trends for women over 50. However there were many trends that were easy to skip over (and say “no-way”) since they were way too short, too tight, too bare, too revealing or simply impractical to wear. Many of these looks were shown on the runways just for show. We understand that, but it is still important (and amusing) to point out the worst fall 2023 fashion trends for women over 50. For the most part, these trends are not appropriate for women of any age. Take a look!

Worst Fall 2023 Fashion Trends For Women

Worst Fall 2023 Fashion Trends For Women oversized shoulders fountainof30

1. Move Out of My Way Big Shoulders

Unless it’s intentional, these extremely wide shoulder pads will certainly keep people far away from you. They’ll have to shout so you can hear them at this distance. This trend is definitely not for bus rides or taking elevators. You may have to take the freight.


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Shown at Saint Laurent, Thom Browne and Alexander Wang

Worst Fall 2023 Fashion Trends lingerie fountainof30

2. Lingerie Dressing

The definition of Lingerie according to the American Dictionary is “women’s underwear or clothing worn in bed”. Underwear means under your clothes, right? It does not say worn to the party, worn to the office, worn on the street…

Shown at Anna Sui, Vaquera and Dolce Gabbana

briefs in pace of pants Worst Fall 2023 Fashion fountainof30

3. Briefs (In Place of Pants?)

I kinda get it for spring and summer, because these boy shorts or briefs are similar to swim suit bottoms. But for fall? This trend gives me a chill! You should not have to check your bikini line to get dressed for the day. And why do these these models have tote bags and briefcases? Are they going to work? Bottom line is (no pun intended) that no one wants to, nor can wear these leg-baring bottoms except for models on a runway.

Shown at Miu Miu, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood and LaQuan Smith

tiny bras fall 2023 fashion trend dont fountainof30

4. Tiny Bras

If you think the briefs were too small, what is with these tiny tiny bras? I think the designers had a competition to make the tiniest bra. Gucci won!

Shown at Gucci, Ann Demeulemeester and Vaquera

socks bad fall fashion trend fountainof30

5. Knock These Socks Off

I just hate this trend that showed up on the runways – for women of any age. Little white socks, lacy knee highs and wooly Heidi socks are not flattering and just don’t knock my socks off. On little girls, it’s cute, but not on adult women.

Shown at Marc Jacobs, David Koma and Simone Rocha

slashed and deconstructed runway fasahion fall 2023 fountainof30

6. Slash That

We have seen these deconstructed looks before and they are not very flattering. Besides, they seem like a waste of money. You can slash up your old clothes yourself. Why would we buy something like this new and at designer prices?

Shown at Acne Sudio, Vaquera and Alexander McQueen

panty hose waistband showing in the runway fountainof30

7. I See Your Panty-Hose

This is a new way to style fishnets and hosiery that kept creeping up for fall 2023. The waistbands of the panty hose are on display. True confession: I used to tuck my shirts into my hosiery to create a smoother look under skirts and pants. But I would be horrified if the waistband should show!

As shown at Victoria Beckham, Miu Miu and Gucci

models holig up clothes hiding bodies fountainof30

8. If You Need To Do This…

If you need to walk with your hands in your pockets to hold your coat up, or keep your fist clinging to hold a wrap closed or (worse yet) cover your exposed body with both hands…then just don’t wear it! What would happen if we threw a ball at any of these models?

As shown at Rocha, Loewe and Ann Demeulemeester

furry shoes and b oots fall 2023 fashion fountainof30

9. Big Foot Feet

Furry feet are fun, but monster shoes graced the collections of some top designers. These Big Foot boots and shoes will get ruined the minute they step onto the slushy street.

Shown at Khaite, Pucci and Gucci

Did you see something on the runway that cracked you up? Which one do you think is the worst fall 2023 fashion trend for women?

Carol Calacci

Sources: Elle, Who What Wear, L Officiel USA, Stylecaster

Photos: Vogue.com

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