What Were They Thinking? Celebrities In Fashion That Screams “Diva” 

Otherwise known as “WTF was she thinking?!” Yes, we know celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are prone to taking risks with their style and often wear “questionable fashion.” (Remember that ugly medicine pink Oscars dress on Gwyneth?) But we were hoping that was a thing of the past. And usually it is, until they do it again.

Sadly, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Greene and Gwyneth Paltrow are repeat offenders. And perhaps these outfits are some of their worst fashion faux pas yet.

Heidi Klum


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I hate to say this, but I often see Heidi Klum in, ahem, “questionable fashion.” Her style is definitely off-again, on-again. Who knows if she is making her own choices or if we should chalk it up to a stylist? I wonder if we can use the “oh well, she’s a model, not an actress” excuse – although to be honest, she’s so much more than a model these days. She judges fashion! Unfortunately, much of her style is not age-appropriate. She loves to wear see-through clothing, keyholes, and the like, and I think she’s hoping dipping into young fashion will help her tap into the fountain of youth. Check out her Noam Hanoch dress (above) with the weird bandeau and lace panel underneath the bust. It’s risk-taking for sure, but is it great fashion? I think not.

Jennifer Lopez

It’s no surprise that Jennifer Lopez often appears on many a bad fashion list. Wearing this Naeem Khan multicolored jumpsuit is no exception. Am I surprised Jennifer Lopez is wearing a colorful jumpsuit? Not in the slightest. Am I surprised that the jumpsuit was made by Naeem Khan? Yes, I really am! This is not what I expect from the ultra-classy designer who’s NYFW shows have wowed me in years past. Then again, only someone like J.Lo can truly pull this look off.

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is a beautiful girl. Her fashion, unfortunately, is often questionable. While I applaud her for risking it all in a blue sequined Akris dress with ultra unique cutout, I’m pretty tired of the dresses that try to throw every kind of trend into one ensemble. Ashley Greene is the kind of fashionista/actress that often likes to wear a wardrobe that does this and in this case, it’s just way too much for me. Do you agree?

Gwyneth Paltrow

Now why I am not surprised to see Miss Gwyneth in something like this jumpsuit? Perhaps it’s because I’m used to her “questionable fashion” by now. Perhaps it’s because this isn’t the first time she’s worn pale pink or a strange jumpsuit or perhaps it’s because she’s so rail thin these days and wears clothes so tight that it hugs against her bony frame in a look that screams “I’m super thin and I love to show it off.” Perhaps that wasn’t what she was trying to do, but that’s what happened. Gwynnie, lose the pale pink. Lose the overall tightness, lose the flared pants. Even more astonishing – she wore this to a magazine’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood list event, meaning that there was probably some stylist out there who told her she looked incredible.

– Simona Shemer

Photos: People

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