What’s Inside My Makeup Bag? Take a Peek!

Believe it or not I’ve actually been asked what I carry in my makeup bag. Probably because it’s usually jam packed or it could just be idle curiosity. Now keep in mind these are the items I carry everywhere with me. What I use on a daily basis to have my makeup ready is for another post – another time.

Carol tells me my bag is like a circus car. She can’t believe how much I cram in there, but I am pretty good about cleaning it out every so often so I’m not lugging around items I never use. These are my “I must have these or I will die” items. (OK, that was a little exaggerated). Oh and note my makeup bag is by Be & D and I can’t confirm they even make it anymore. It’s my second one and if I lose this one (last time on a plane) I will be very, very sad.


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